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    Well maybe we will all get our BFP’s on MONDAY!!



    Thanks everyone. Just wanted to let you know I’m 12 or 13dpo and I posted my BFP story on my profile if anyone wants to to know what I did differently this past month 🙂 Baby dust to all!



    On the whole vitamens thing – I don’t know if they really help with the ttc thing. I don’t really know if they help much at all LOL ( if u read up on research some say that they really have no benefit ?? IDK). But I take them anyways and I make hubby take them too LOL we take a multi vit. , calcium and just started fish oil.


    Still no AF and I could start any day now. I ususally get a light brown discharge right before I start and so far I haven’t gotten that. I don’t have anymore tests which is a good thing!! I am going to wait till Saturday and get one then. Hoping to hear some BFP’s for everyone today! God Bless 🙂 And baby dust to us all!! 🙂



    LC – just checked out your chart…what was today’s temp? otherwise it is looking very good :0)



    taylor i was thinking this was it for you and you have also just confirmed the soft cup theory for me as well. I dont think I even ovulated (temp sropped eysterday, still no pos OPk, ususally get pos opk on same day as temp drop). NExt month im going to try them!!!



    Might be hormonal then, or could be lack of sleep or low iron/B 12. Any number of things, but try to get as much rest and fluids in as you can in case – otherwise you may find yourself getting sick.



    I haven’t detested since I got the bfn but I am officially two days late. I’ll will test again in a few days if she doesn’t show but I doubt it. I got my bfp right away in the past. I feel let down, not necessarily because I didn’t get pregnant this month but because if I miss a period without being pregnant, I’m worried that I’m still not ovulating again and i’ll need to completely wean my daughter to have my fertility return. 🙁 I don’t mean to make light of the trials that some of you have had to go through to get pregnant. My heart goes out to you, but no matter how many kids you have, when you try to get pregnant and the months go by, it’s hard and sad and frustrating. I already have 2 beautiful kids and I know I am so blessed already, but I just have this other little baby in my heart so strong that I feel our family is still incomplete and it hurts to see AF show up month after month.



    I’ve never done temping, but I can imagine that I’d drive myself crazy with it! 🙂 I’m very impatient when it comes to finding out stuff like this too…waiting is absolute torture! Don’t count yourself out until AF arrives though…and hopefully she WON’T!!



    Oh ladies. Oh dear. That’s 4 positive pregnancy tests! Oh now im getting excited!



    Speaking of cm, I had the HUGEST glob of yellow, creamy, but stretchy cm a while ago. I mean an insane amount and not even after having a bm, so I wasn’t pushing or anything. (Sorry if tmi…)



    ok so I start testing Friday… n I had the same question do the green tea work. I been drinking it since Saturday.



    jennpin,i just cant believe u would still drink and smoke and your trying for a baby,anyone else think thats just wrong!!



    congrats pug!!!!!



    littlekisses- that is how i know i am Oing… the CM… before i got pg with my son i did some research online..

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