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    Hello Ladies!! Congrats to all the Bfp’s. I have not been checking this site as regularly as I used to due to having so much going on in our family. We have been activity trying now for 8 months with no luck. I recently went to my gyn dr for a yearly checkup and asked if we could start checking a few things to see why we haven’t gotten preggers yet. Bloodwork checked out fine.He then scheduled an hsg which was today. At first neither tube was open but after a little bit the left side opened up and looked good. The right side never opened up. Hopefully it was just a fluke that the right side didn’t cooperate today. I’m hoping that everything was just blocked up and we can get preggo very soon. If not, we will move onto trying clomid for a few cycles. Do you all know of women that have conceived easily with only 1 tube? Good luck to to all of you that are testing soon 🙂



    Me TOO! I go to see the OBGYN in 2 weeks….can’t wait.



    Thanks. It’s still light and not much is making it to a pad. but it is kinda a bit reddish so I have no idea. If it’s AF I wish it would stop being mean like this.


    Participant nunnoodle!!!! i can tell AF is on her way…breasts are SORE!!!! and i sware BIGGER..and there was some blood in my CM shes on her way…


    Kristy……my FX super tight that you have a sticky bean. Damnkat….Im so sorry. Hugs! I use preseed and yes it can get quite slippery. We never use the recommended amount cause its just to much…lol. On another note…im currently 10dpo and waiting until may 17 to test with the group…yay! My breasts stopping leaky milk today so it seemed to last a day which is so weird and then i have cramps, sharp twinges on my left side, heartburn, tired and creamy CM so far. Praying these are all good symptoms!!! Babydust, Babydust, Babydust!!!



    After 7 long cycles I’d like to announce that at 12 dpo of a soy cycle I got a BFP this morning. Thanks to everyone for all the advice and support!!!



    Lady- mine did that once, too….drove me crazy. 🙁 Just shows that you can’t confirm ovulation until your body temp goes up.



    CD110 or 54…..only 5 days until my doctor’s appointment. Thankfully I don’t feel nauseated like I did last night. I hope everyone is doing well. STICKY BABY DUST TO ALL TTC



    It’s crazy cos my lines look exactly the same as when I had 1st BFP I have to wait til Wednesday afternoon to know my fate it stinks but it’s life. I just really wana no one way or the other as I’m a gringo enough person to deal with either I just hate not knowing xx



    I do get checked often but i’m fine so far. Can i ask something that is gonna sound dumb but i know you ladies are very smart……I believe i do ovalte but ive never confirmed it with OPK but around the 12th or 13th cd i have alot of clear cervical mucus is that ovlation or no?



    I have the song ‘all by myself’ playing in my head right now lol. Super happy for you all. Just hope my turn comes. Still waiting to ovulate. Getting into the cd 40’s now.


    amscheri – don’t worry too much about this cycle, just BD untli you get AF. Then start keeping track of your next cycles.



    Hello Ladies!! Congrats to all the BFPs!! Better Luck Next time to BFNs, I am right here with you. Have my flight for 15thJul and am suppose to ddo BD from 13th till 18th ……… not sure if it is possible with all the packing and travelling 🙂 after that me going away from DH for at least 3 months ………. and still need to do the Genetic Test before I ttc this month now that is called a crazy situation ………hope all works out coz if i do conveive this month then i will be allowed to fly back to DH after 3 months as myfirst trimester would be over …….. seems all will in place if i do conceive this month and my DD will go to play school after delivery ………….. aaaawww me goign crazy again ………. help ladies a few words of support pls



    congrats milesmommy08! good luck as you prepare to welcome your new little blessing into your family and home



    I’m Having trouble uploading photo’s. I’m Just waiting for af to show up or stay away. Hope i can upload the photo of the hpt that i took on saterday.

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