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    Hello jacksmum08 thanks for your kinds words.

    I have been so sad. I just don’t understand why my cycle is so wacky. It ranges from 29-39 days. Very fustrating. Thanks though. 🙂

    To Danielle1806 yes it is very frustrating to see teenagers getting pregnant so quickly.


    Nope not yet that we know about.



    Congrats Brie!!!


    beth, one of the times i was preg i found out about one week and three days before af was due….but the last time i was preg hcg still wasn’t detected by a HPT 20dpo…it varies from body to body…



    hey ladies i have a quick question, i have a ticker that says im in CD 19 and 9 days til testing, whats the earliest i can test? i am so anxious. ive been kinda dizzy,my boobs are all swollen and im tired all the time, the same symptoms i had with my 1st. thanks 🙂 oh and i O’ed the 20th-25th….



    Thanks 🙂 she likes to show off cuz she knows shes cute haha wannabeamum…sounds like fun! good idea to pass the time!



    andy21: LOL… I feel your pain! I’m just as anxious as you are! Sadly I only have like one hpt, so I have to wait! The wait is killing me though! This is the second month we’ve been trying, and I just wish I could get a bfp so I can stop worrying and waiting!



    KMarie and Toni- I cannot begin to fathom 30 below temps. I have a hard enough time with anything below 40. I’m pathetic!


    so i kinda need help with something
    i had unprotected sex july 3rd early morning around 2amish and im thinking that im pregnant but i dont know just yet cause i havent missed my monthly just yet ….my first day of my last monthly was on june 15th and i have a 28 days cycle ……my next monthly should be coming anyday but i dont know when to test if i miss it…please help



    Hey there. Yeah thats a first. How are you feeling?



    Well still no AF but test comes back negative so have a feeling AF is just stalling 🙁 maybe next month though!



    my temp shift doesnt seem that high to me either. i usually tempt at 5am, so i did that today, then just for kicks i temped again at 8 am when DD woke up just to see what the difference would be. my temp went up 2.5 degrees. i charted my temp at my regular time (5am) just thought that it was interesting that it went up that much. now i understand why you have to temp the same time EVERY DAY.



    Krystalh – I just took a look at both your OPK pics and if it were me, I’d call it positive. BD BD BD!! 🙂 Good luck and baby dust!



    My sister is ttc now, and has been for 3 months. So, I’m going to tell her to join this site.



    It is official just got my pregnacy confirmed at the doctors!!!

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