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    ok everything is good here lol honestly the 2 digital tests that came up negative were faulty because 6 line tests came positive and a digital ept brand test came positive so i called walgreens 800 number on the box freaking out asking them why only there tests came negative they are sending my money back thanks for everyone letting me vent about this all week i will not buy anymore tests i promise



    Woke up this morning with a very very faint pink tinge in now 3 days late
    im still feeling nauseous and have cramps
    do u think this is the start of my period
    or i dont………. know im pulling my hair out
    my boobs r still sore
    i have never been late before in my life and now im on to day 3 my last period was on the 26th june and we had intercourse everyday up till yesterday
    any advise



    LMAO……….my 9yr old, Vince is talking in his sleep. Im gonna do a slight detour into his room and try to find out if he has any secret girlfriends.LOL



    Bananamoonpi – I have read your blog and find myself in pretty much the sae position as you! Im amlost 36 and my partner is almost 51 and we have been together almost 15 years! People think we’re mad for ttc as he has 2 grown up ones already (1 married and 1 about to be) and I find it soooo frustrating when people make negative comments. Surely a baby born to older wiser and mature parents who will love and adore them is better than some situtations others find themselves in? Age is a number and theres no rule book on love so best of luck to us both!! xx



    hahaha lachica…we had to stop using it bcuz of that reason too


    wmommytobe-congrats!! very exciting, a very happy and healthy 9 months to you and the wee one!



    yeah not too bad lately, being refered to a specialist. CD 15 trying to keep a lavel head about this but it is hard. Is your summer wet heat or dry heat. We’ve had nothing but 43 degrees here for the past week! I’m going insane



    peaches – turn your flash off



    Cleo….Thats why I say I dont know when to expect AF. I should test, but I would have to wait till I go home



    babybum- I replied to your pictures, but I thought I’d tell you on here too! Those definitely look like BFPs to me! That’s what mine looked like with DS. Congrats!



    Congratulations, nuke!



    Are headaches normal with early pregnancy? I remember with my son I didn’t have any symptoms until he started to grow and I had aches and pains but nothing this bad. I’m a little confused if the things i’m feeling are from being off the pill (it’s only been a month) or possible implantation. I have had constant headaches for the past week and a half and don’t know if I can take it if I am pregnant and it lasts 9 months. I am 8DPO and am convincing myself it is too early to test. Has anyone else experienced crazy headaches?



    I hate the waiting game…..I have barley have any patience



    congrats first-at-40! i’d wait a day or two and test again for sure.



    take two- so funny! so true! LMAO

Viewing 15 posts - 52,576 through 52,590 (of 131,346 total)

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