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    Kristy – I hope the line keeps darker for you!! Cuppycake – I believe the concentration of hcg needs to be higher for the Clearblue Digital (I think I read 50 mil), where others (such as the FRER) only require 25. The amounts are listed on Good luck!! I took another OPK yesterday and the line on the IC was as dark as the test line (much darker than the picture in my blog yesterday). We BDed again last night, I put pillows under my bum, etc. This morning I woke up with what feels like the beginning of a UTI. FUN. If it doesn’t getny better throughout the day, I’ll have to call my Ob for an appt tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday ladies!



    south, we’ve been around, we’re just busy dealing w/issues that lurk up. ok fine it’s the same issues everyday just ms


    We’ve been told do it every night but we didnt last night. Hubby said be will make it up to me! Sounds like a twice in one day coming up lol



    Army, you are never alone in always thinking about TTCing!!! I will be officially in my TWT tomorrow. Now let’s see how long I can hold out with testing.



    well according to the ovulation calender AF is due the 23 i am so dizzy even when i wake up in the middle of the night i feel dizzy!! I pee a lot and feel hungry almost all the time. If i don’t eat i feel like am going to pass out and i feel so tired. So if AF comes that would be just plain evil!!



    good luck cocoluv


    meals add me to your group i am also 9dpo will e tested wed. too and dawn i was just thinking the same but not giving up just not looking forward to a long process really was devastated when i had my loss then everyone started saying it is really easy to get pregnant again after a loss and my hopes were really high now I am starting to worry. The hubby and I ttc’ed for 3mths fell pregnant and then the loss it is just a lot harder to go through now espeially knowing that feburary is near and i wont be holding a newborn and my arms like i was supposed to but I am leaving all to god now and just keeping the faith and praying every day and night for my rainbow baby.



    Good evening ladies how is everyone tonite? Well FF has confirmed I am 3 DPO however I truly believe I am 5 DPO. Either way I have decided I will wait until xmas eve to test and am excited about it. So I will either be 9 or 11 DPO but at that point if AF hasn’t shown her ugly self then I am in luck!!! So the next five days are going to DRAG like no other. How is everyone feeling? I hope good and getting ready for BFP!!! I am quite sure there will be a lot for xmas!! Baby Dust



    Christine G..A line is a line. Congrats. BABEDCI..My husband and I put ttc on hold bacause of financial constraints, only to get a BFP that same cycle. Am planning to work hard and get some debts out of the way so that he doesn’t feel like he has to shoulder all our financial burdens once baby arrives.



    beachbum- I think we are all in the same boat. We throw everything we have at it and it doesn’t work GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Loveher CONGRATS!!!


    lachica…how are you doing this cycle?



    really brit? Is it unusual for you? this is giving me some hope! I’m anious to see what happens for you ladies.



    oh n 2 days pos seem to be getting more pos lol . ill test again in the morn ( its 10.15 pm) and see if its still going or over



    Prayingforlittleone-Congrats on your BFP!! I’m having mild cramps but no AF yet… She was suppose to arrive yesterday but she was a no show. I’m putting it off because the way my cramps are, you’d think I would be starting any minute now. They’re non stop and my boobs are sore… Taking off my bra is the only solution to that problem and that’s on if i sleep on my back. Lastnight it felt like my whole butt was going to fall out LOL! Sorry if TMI, but I think you all know what I mean… I don’t like these games AF is playing with me.. I want my BFP Dammit!! How are all you wonderful TTCer’s doing? Looking for more good news. Damnkat- I hope you get well soon and get back to TTC, hope you still log on though, I still need your advice 🙂

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