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    i havent had a pap smear since my daughter was conceived i was spose to have one after she wa born but was still bleeding at the 6 week check and havent been bothered to go in for one since. i guess i should go get one before next little bubs is conceived but they are just so yuk!



    Took a test tonight at 9dpo not a hint of a line ๐Ÿ™ guess I’m on to 18 months ttc …


    eey- aww you sound like a great mommy



    Mommytoabi-I think it still looks darker than yesterday’s test. Plus it’s still so early!!!! I never got a bfp on 9dpo at all but a super faint one on 10 dpo and 20 something weeks later everything is still going good ๐Ÿ™‚ best of luck to you! I say a faint positive is still a positive!!!



    Another question- I’ve had this sort of metallic taste develop in my mouth, but its not real strong, only sometimes when I swallow and its just a tinge of the taste right at the roof of my mouth. Is that a good sign or just my imagination wishing I was pg again? And if I am pregnant, flying in a couple of weeks won’t hurt anything will it? I don’t think it will but after a m/c I can’t help but be OVERLY cautious of EVERYTHING I do!



    I don’t have that many symptoms right now either, just off and on random stuff.


    TTCBB1 – no I have not tested. I figured that I will get AF tomorrow. Before I was pregnant there were months where I was a day or two late. And since I do not have any other symptoms I figured not to get my hopes up.



    I have a question.Okay I had a miscarriage on the 14 of October.Me and my husband had a slip up on the first of November.I have to go back to the doctor if my period doesn’t come on by Tuesday.But wat I was wondering if this has ever happen to anyone and did they end up pregnant.I have no signs of my period coming on



    janet – they most likely send you for an u/s to find out, I would think.



    Urgh, so weird, I just posted and it didn’t show! Kindof annoyin! Congrats Agape!!! Wish you all the best! <3 Liamsmom-i think were supposed to ovulate on CD14, there's ovulation calculators on this site or you can google it ๐Ÿ˜‰ that's what I did, I'm a regular 28days and I just try to be attentive to the signs my body gives me.. Opks are probably your best bet to find out exactly when.. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚


    tinatina got busted last night for being a scam! Dont respond to her!!



    maddys mom I am having the same symptoms and I also have IBS so it does make me wonder although I am not really cramping much.I am 14 dpo tomorrow is the day I would normally start I def don’t feel like I am going to start I would wait because it is so disappointing to get a bfn and you may be getting disappointed for no reason. I know the wait is aggravating but just hang in there



    Wedward – yayy for the nice dark BFP ๐Ÿ™‚ I added you to the BFP blog a couple of days ago ๐Ÿ˜‰



    liam- same here…. and im so bloody tired…(lol…I’m not even european, and using the word bloody- I live in Jersey, near NY and have a pretty apparent accent…so it sounds a bit off using the word bloody…lol)



    fingers crossed for you pol.

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