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    Hi again Jumana! I just used it this last month. I just reset it for this month on Friday 🙂



    my breasts have been killing me too



    hey ladies anyone there?



    leamsy do you track your ovulation? maybe you should try that as your cycles are not regular. it might help! ladies i am about to take my last b/c pill this saturday. i am nervous and excited!! i am nervous to see how long my cycles are. if they are all wonky like the last time i came off i am not going to be impressed!! 50 days is too long 😛 i hate wondering when af is going to come. and now that it’s summer it’s really gonna suck. like if i’m out camping or swimming etc i definitely don’t want her showing up. congrats to the bfp’s and baby dust to all those ttc!!!



    yay juicy pear!!!!



    Congrats Brie. 🙂 To everyone else: I’m 15dpo today, no true positive test, and no period. BLAH. Lol. I’m in limbo right now waiting.



    Hello all – Can one of you tell me how OPKs work? I’ve had an irregular cycle my entire life (very, very irregular) and it’s really hard to tell if I’m O-ing. What does an OPK go by?



    Kegans mummy- my Af is due today aswell and no sign yet. I also took a hpt this morning and got BFN. Hopefully were are not out of the running yet!


    Arh I am sorry you feel that way Bustin…..all the ladies here are lovely and you are very welcome here x I cannot really answer your question though as this is my first month tracking O and not had any symptoms as yet. I am sure someone will help out though. xx


    Hi, looking for advice and friends! Wondering who has tried the sex-every-other-night method and how it worked for them?


    Im sending LOADS AND LOADS OF BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!! Spring is a beautiful time to have a baby so Good Luck!!!


    hello ladies baby dust to all, my boyfriend and i are trying to conceive our 4th baby we pray for a healthy baby, we have 3 girls and we want a boy but if its another girl yay ill be happy..



    a little sore still, and tired but ok suprisingly.



    bad part about ttc, cant take anything for a cold.. lucky syptoms are still minor i usualy can knock it on the head with garlic and heaps of vitamin c.. 6days af due. lol hubby thinks my boobs feel big this morn lol. i have this foul taste in my mouth could be from the cold though. and iam sensitive down the like i had to run yesty for somthing and i could feel it down ther weird..anywho have cows to chase and fences to fix and wood to chop for the campfire tomoz night so that should keep my mind busy for the next few days..



    I liked it Cleo… but don’t use too much because you lose friction lol too much works too well! It’s not sticky and is very silky feeling.

Viewing 15 posts - 53,071 through 53,085 (of 131,346 total)

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