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    Hi ladies I’m in the 2montg babies forum.. I am almost 11 weeks pp and have not had a cycle, nor used birth control. I have forumul fed since two weeks.. Today I had the slightest pink. I have a alight cramp in my left ovary. I’m hoping it’s just my cycle. I never had implantation bleeding with eiher of my girls. I did take a test today and it was negative. If it was implanation Bleedng would my test have been positive?



    eeyore: 11 day LP is on the lower end of the normal range, but I know there are women here who have gotten pregnant with very short luteal phases (under 10 days – congrats to *MolarSurvivor* who just had a baby girl last week 🙂 … luteal phase length does not impact when the test will show positive… well not really, I’ll get to that in a sec – what does matter is when the egg implants. The average egg will implant 6 – 10 days after conception, and needs at least 2 days extra on the luteal phase in order to ‘stay stuck.’ If you had implantation at 10 DPO, and started AF on 11 DPO, then chances are, you would not know you were pregnant, and unfortunately a chemical pregnancy results. If on the other hand, you have implantation on day 8, you still have 3 days before AF is expected, so the egg has time to implant and hopefully stay stuck for a healthy pregnancy. In that case you would see a positive result, but perhaps not until 11 or even 12 DPO. I had 10 – 11 day LP, but since starting Vites, I am up to 12 – 13 day LP. Hoping the extra day or two will get a late egg to stick at some point!! 😉


    praying- i’m the second person who can verify the cough syrup thing. i was taking a cough syrup with only Guaifenesin as it’s active ingredient 3 times a day 6 days leading up to when i O’ed and i fell pregnant that month. if was my 5th or 6th month of trying but my first time using something like that. i just had my little man from that BFP two weeks ago. for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of cough syrup Guaifenesin is also the main thing in Mucinex and you can get that in pill form now… GL ladies!!!!!



    hey everyone! just popping in and say HEY! and baby dust to you all!


    I been here since June too….. :/ Hopefully we can all get out of here real soon!!!!



    I all, I was reading your comments about the healthcare on comment spy and I have to say here in Canada we dont pay for healthcare we just pay a little more in taxes no problems here I have my own doctors I go whenever I want. My mom has severe heart problems if she would have had to pay for the surgerys she would be bankrupt! I am happy with our health care dont listen to the horror stories I am greatful that everyone can have health care including the ones less fortune than us.



    Well, I am trying to hang on to the fact that I am still only around 10 DPO, if even… and many women don’t see positives until 12+ DPO. I am just so scared of faint tests after what I went through in August. They stayed faint for about a week or more. :/



    So I asked this question yesterday but nobody answered.. so I wanna ask again, and it may be a silly question but IDC! 🙂

    So every month about 5-7 days prior to AF arrival my BB’s are wicked sore.. it never fails, thats why I don’t think that would be an accurate pregnancy symptom for me.. anyways.. I am due for AF on friday and I have absolutely NO pain in my BB’s.. I keep poking at them to check.. LOL.. soo I was wondering why they don’t hurt



    @Brandy- I
    d have to agree..looks like a BFP to me!!



    saz – oh how rude of her!!!! some people dont think before they speak. i know what you mean about being bloated LOL i look 4-5 months prego right now. AF better show up tomorrow or a BFP (i doubt the BFP) the top of my tummy looks flat and then i have that ‘baby bump’. i feel like a hippo LOL



    hey ladies how long after you get egg white cm do you ovulate?


    I got my BFP 2 days ago and noticed the congestion 3 days ago 🙂



    i always o late in my cycle even though i am 28 days as well usually. although a lot of the time it is 14 days before af is due again. so i was cooking fajitas for dh for lunch and they really turned my stomach hmmmm…………. still dont want to get my hopes up :/






    loon what kind of PT are you using?

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