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    lol…u know wat the sad part is i was juat bragging about not having 2 deal with dh and not wanting 2 or initiating bd! lol….but ok….just to clarify SO I CAN OVULATE without ever seeing a pos opk?? or is it HIGHLY unlikely?



    liam- on ff- it said 48% chance of the cramping was due frpom ovulation… I wish it was more indicative of pregnancy- but I guess we just have to be patient and see what the cards hold in store for us…



    hey coco is this ur first mth bbt?



    Krissieh, I knowwwwww!!! Last time when I got prego with DD I did use it at 10dpo but the line was super faint, I had to test again the day after to make it official so this time I figured I would wait another day or 2 to make sure that line will be loud and clear!! 😉 congrats Holz! Wish you all the best!



    haha i’m just reading some of the posts.. isn’t it funny how crazy we get while ttc?.. i mean… some little cramp/twingy feeling/ or headache- we INSTANTLY think ooh ooh i’m pregnant.. when really, it could be just symptom of AF.. i know sometimes i’ll be sitting here saying to myself ‘omg something just moved in my stomach!’ then i have to remind myself that it was probabaly just gas.. haha… i just looked on how many ppl are in the ttc forum… i believe is said 399.. can you imagine if/when we all get pregnant there will be 399 + new babies in the world, and (assuming some will have multiples)… thats crazy!



    Thanks liams. Since being on this site i have read alot and learned alot. I am much more aware of my body since reading what everyone is going through. Usually im spectic but this time i really think i do feel different that the last 2 tries. FX for you and me as well 🙂 !!!



    this is the most screwed up af I have ever had and veloce me I have had goffy ones before. I am still only spotting when I wipe. Why won’t it just start and get it over with already!



    Mommy2onebeauty- what is your shortest cycle and what is your longest cycle? I have a huge testing window with my shortest confirmed O cycle being 24 days and my longest 49.



    well ladies I am off for a couple of hours while I meet with my MIL to go for our walk. cyas



    Congrats Liamsmummy, and krisseh! xx#



    Yes, the EPO tends to make you gassy! It happens to me too.


    Hi!! I’m new to this site.. and it took me a few months to get pregnant with my third and current pregnancy. I want to share what I believe helped me get pregnant. I started this when I realized my LMP had come.. I started drinking a bottle of green citrus tea and eating a half cup of sunflower seeds.. (already out of the shell at walmart) and I was taking a prenatal and a fish oil gelcap everyday. I drank plenty of water too. When I was the day before ovulation I quit drinking the green tea but continued the other things. I got my bfp on 11.28.2011 🙂 The day before my birthday. I wish you loads of luck and lots of baby dust!!! Feel free to add me if you like. 🙂


    haha fairbanks…same with my hubby! Lol



    Damnkat- for some reason I can’t post to my profile- don’t know why it won’t let me…hmmm… Anyway day before o temp was 97.58, am of o day- 96.89, next day 97.37 ( which was wed), then sun am temp was 97.98…



    oh yeah I can also see melbourne from my naturestrip lol

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