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    Hay LC am i reading right? your preg…. congrats, congrats,congrats, that’s awsome



    For those who got there bfps congrats! For me cd 10 and waiting to ovulate.


    tbt- that sounds like a good idea…I never had to worry about it last time as I got pregnant as soon as we started trying. But if it takes longer this time, I may go see my doctor about getting my cycles regular.


    Thank you for all the congrats ladies! 🙂 i was so stinkin excited i think i got 3 hrs of sleep lol. Im gonna continue to check in to see more bfps!! seems like alotta people are finally getting their wish. DH and i were just gettting ready to see an endocrinologist end of the month and my dr wanted an HSG test done on me. I am truly blessed to have received my bfp right before we were to go through any of this.



    I proberly won’t know until tuesday or wednesday, its friday now hehe . Im taking 50mg of clomid. If im not pregnant this month im ganna try pre-seed.



    Random cramping and slight nauseating feeling that lasted a couple of min this morning . AF due Fri, tested yesterday and got a bfn. I will test again tomorrow but if it’s a bfn I’m going for an April baby! Hubby will be happy as we plan to BD every 2 days once AF leaves. Good luck to those testing! Thanks dawn, we need all the dust we can get! Keep it coming! I want August to be a train full of bfps, let get those spermies ladies 😉



    He doesn’t understand how TTC can consume my mind so much of the day… and I keep saying because I really want this and because it’s going to be happening to MY body… guys just have no clue. He’s like oh well I’ll be happy if we do have another but I don’t think about it like that… doi! :0P



    Me too. I’ve never used them either and I don’t even know if im ovulating because I haven’t seen ewcm and I dont temp or anything. Any kind of positive will be wonderful. Good luck girl!



    duffy- I hear ya! Today I keep feeling like ‘ew did I wipe’ but duh I did… just a lot of cm I guess. REALLY REALLY don’t need the preseed today! ack! Wish I could start my TWW lol



    Just wanted to say hello to all you lovely ladies ttc. I first joined this site nearly 5yrs ago when we were ttc baby no.3 then while we were ttc no.4 then I left and I recently joined again as we have decided to have one last baby soooo here I am ttc no.5 . I already have 2 boys and 2 girls which we love very much :0) just wanted to say hi and sticky baby dust to you all xxxx



    yay im gonna watch KUNG FU PANDA right now with hubby lol. my hubby and i did the BD today and usually i just get up right after and go use the restroom and get on with my day but today i put a pillow under my bottom during BD and layed there for about 20-30 mins before i got up and ive read that it helps cause it incourges the sperm to go up instead of out so hopefully that helped. ( im praying that it helped ) did anyone else have any luck with that approach?



    Hope so mrs dowden! My hubby said mine are getting smaller! Which I dont mind, I am 34hh anyway!! Well BFP CONFIRMED!!! I broke my promise to myself to wait, and I even used a blue dye. But its bright as day! Im posting a pic 🙂



    when i was taking like 3 -4 a day i used to drink anything i could find to make myself pee lol. wierd i know lol



    Hey ladies, I have a question. What are your guys’ thoughts about ttc when overweight? I have not lost all the baby weight from my son(Still need to lose 10-15 lbs) do you think it is unwise to try to become pregnant before being at a better weight, and/or do you think it could be ok to just really really watch how I eat if/when I do get Pg and try to not gain too much weight?? Some days I feel like I just want to lose the weight, but then I think about hwo much I really want another child and feel it would be silly to let 15 lbs make me not??? Super crazy lady 🙂



    Sorry the OPKs are being a pain in the bum thebigtomato… do you think you’d give BBT a shot?

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