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    took an HPT this morning and it was BFP much darker than yesterdays $store brand, today I used answer brand and the BFP line showsed up rightaway…. so…. on wed my beta should be 72 according to my last beta fingers crossed i just had a late implanter!!! even if this pregnancy is not viable its still a miracle we have gotten this far!!



    Thnx Rach for the article i take folic acid everyday too..



    Congrats on the BFP sarah and liam,, can you post a pic? 10dpo!! that is awesome!! i had a tiny spot of blood today in creamy cm,, hoping for the same out.. been ttc for a very long time! 😉



    brit how come your only in week 2 ? hmm



    AF showed up today… =[ i guess i have to wait til next month to try again. but, it’ll be our first ‘active’ month of trying. wish me luck! o, and do you ladies know if i can use BBT while breastfeeding? will nursing affect that at all?? also, i am thinking of using ovulation tests for this next cycle.



    cleopatria01 – I don’t know how planned parenthood works, but when I had a blood test at our health campus they called me with the results.



    Doctor appt was a success my progesterone is 41.5 way higher than any other time! Fingers crossed this is it!



    Hi Everyone – Ok really really confused. Had positive OPK CD 6 and 7 – Today is CD 15 had cramping pains and back ache so was thinking maybe implantation. Just did an OPK and its positive again. So confused Now – Has this happened to any of you? I dont understand Positive on day 7 then negative and the positive again day 15 What is going on????????



    Well … took a 20 miu cheapy internet HPT and got a BFN. I’m not out yet though! *****Baby Dust***** to everyone!!!!



    congrats rylansmommy!!! Hey ladies, I got my opk’s in the mail yesterday!!



    ilovemylittleprince you can test 8 days after ovulation at the earliest but the longer you wait the more accurate, I have seen some ladies get positives after negatives and others having to waiting couple of weeks past when af is due to get a positive so all different, just rule of thumb 8 days.


    christinec…I live in the west. Otherwise I think dh and I would have to check it out. LOL I did see a few new ones on ebay too.


    Still no AF but im having some Cm like im going to start so im just waiting. It isn’t fair why does our body do this to us??????? Its so heartbreaking ugh, i keep thinking maybe im pregnant but then im like no im not she’ll be here soon so keep waiting ugh.



    Then I’d say things are looking very good for you Chasity, hope you join the July BFP club too! Did you post a pic yet?



    On top of experiencing what I believe was implantation bleeding last week, I’m also constipated….to the point of making my insides hurt if I push myself to try to get a BM (TMI I know, sorry) but does anyone know if constipation is common right after conception???

Viewing 15 posts - 53,581 through 53,595 (of 131,346 total)

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