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    *if ur not pregnant it is possible but since u have two lines on a test, im guessin u are! anyway u could take a pic and post it so we can see, lucky???



    Congrats everyone who has gotten your BFP’s this month. i hope I’m next in the running: So I went to the Gyne today and she got me an ultrasound right after I saw her. She also gave me a flu shot… She told me that I may not be the problem but it could be DP sperm that need to be checked out before she sends me for any fertility treatment. I got two ultrasounds- one regular and the othe transverse. My uterus is fine, but when she checked my ovaries (I peeked at what she was typing) it said that my right one was fine, but my left one had a cyst and minimual fluid in cul-de-sac… Does this mean I ovulated from the left side this month?? Or does that mean something is wrong with my left ovary?? Confused face 0_o I know it couldn’t be polycystic, right since it was only one cyst!! Help!!



    Ttcbby, yeah she said not to temp anymore, and i waslike well i have to take my prog so how will i know if i O’d and she told me to get OPKs which i cant afford ($40 for tests) thats crazy so i dont know, im just goin to wing it i guess lol



    OMG CD 32 and still no AF. BBs are sore as crap, I have heartburn and haven’t tested since Saturday, but still so far no BFP. WTF is going on? =/



    Your chart does look really good LC!



    Well tomorrow is my bday. And i am praying to get a BFP soon. So today is day 25 of my 33day cycle. So when do u ladies think is the best time to test I am 7dpo.



    hey yall!!!


    MAMACHKA….im CD 8 and i should ovulate next Tuesday… we are cycle buddies!!!! YAY!


    ready- o I soooo second that!



    somewhere around cd27 AF should show her face bwtween tuesday and thursday. Took HPT on friday BFN but i am still hoping. I refuse to buy any more HPT because i think i would use one everytime i had to pee just to make sure and would have to sell my house to just fund my obsession hahahaha. I have had a small but sharp pain on my left side on and off for about 4 days now. Its annoying that we look at any changes or feelings in our body as a sign that maybe we are pregnant.



    Laken256-On flying I think you would be okay, I know I am flying in a couple of weeks and doc said okay….I will be 12 weeks then. Also friend of mine who is as far along as me is flying a week earlier than me, she is high risk, has had three miscarriages and he high risk dr said it was fine for her to fly. I have also heard a metalic taste in mouth is an unexplained sign of pregnancy.



    ha- well…as if the big slapin the face from af wasn’t enough- just got the call from my dr. hcg was neg- no go this month…lol.



    fabulous, most times u dont O when ur not getting a period bcuz if u were Oing then u would get a period. ur period is when ur body sheds the lining it has built up in prep for pregnancy plus the unfertlized egg, those people who got pregnant probably O and got pregnant so they didnt have a chance to get a period



    hey ladies how long after you get egg white cm do you ovulate?



    hoping-for… feeling congested or actually getting a cold is really common, and can be considered an early pregnancy sign. When we first get pregnant our immune system gets a major shock – the result is we are open to getting minor colds and infections. Every time I have gotten pregnant I have had a sinus infection or head cold to boot 😉 .. don’t shoot me if this cycle does not end in a BFP! So many things can be considered early pregnancy signs (to make us crazy) – if it’s out of the norm for you – it can be considered an early pregnancy sign. It’s a wonder we don’t need to check ourselves into the funny farm at the end of each two week wait! lol

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