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    I’ve just Googled and calculated through the emmas diary website, it says my fertile days are 13th-18th so basically from cd11 -cd16 I think I’m just going to try and do the deed every other day as of Sunday and then hopefully Fx I catch it…. I’m very excited, this whole TTC is so much fun, I never got to do it with my son as he was a perfect surprise so this time its all new for me….



    Goodmorning ladies, congrats on any new BFPs!!!!!! Babydust to everyone. I am now on CD4 and AF is still here but hopefully easing. Oh yeah by the way I changed my name from Wannabeamum to *****Duffy*****



    Everybody please cross your fingers tomorrow is my CD and I hope I miss it… haven’t taken a PT yet was waiting. I defintily feel prego this is my 3rd so you would think I would know but a lot has changed. I have been getting weird symptoms before my CD but I usually have pretty bad cramping the week before and I didn’t have that I only had light cramping a couple days and I think that could be related to IBS. My BB have been sore for a week now I had spotting once about 5 or 6 DPO I have been really emotional the past 2 or 3 days cryin over nothin eating like crazy ( but i do that before my CD too) super tired spells during the day and insomnia after midnight My sense of smell is crazy sensitive… What do you guys think?



    South – you can indeed ovulate without seeing a + OPK. Sometimes you just won’t get ‘surge lines’ on OPKs and yet you go on to ovulate. OPKs are not 100% accurate. Hang in there!


    Hahaha Dnmarine that actually made me chuckle haha ‘bloody’



    hi two2 yeah it is my first month charting temps…dunno what i want to do about next cycle yet tho.. had a bit of a sad to dh last night…think i may go see my fert spec again but it made me cry more even saying that to him…im just so angry at my own body….



    Thank you!!! Congrats to you holz!



    mama and ladybug: if you do get pregnant in this cycle after m/c dating the pregnancy might be harder, especially if you ovulate more than 2 weeks from the date your m/c bleeding began. If you track when you think you ovulated, that would help, as you can date a pregnancy by date of conception. If you get preggo but were not sure of conception date then the first couple of u/s should give you a better idea.



    Ok, where is liamandparker? I don’t know if we’ve heard of a bfp or bfn from her….hmmm? 12dpo here…negatron on the ic…but no af/symptoms… Just headaches that keep waking me up at 3am, which sucks. Ugh. Either way, happy thanksgiving to those in the states, and those in the UK, Australia, etc….just go eat some turkey so I can say happy thanksgiving to you guys as well. Lol. Enjoy….and gobble til u wobble!! Lol.



    later chica 🙂



    damnkat- my shortest cycle is 28 days & my longest can vary. The past 3 months i had a spot on 31 day cycle but before than it varied. So it’s really hard to say



    hi ladies! how is everyone doing today?



    AND its a BFN. The look on my DH face was more upsetting to me than not being pregnant. AF showed this morning. On to Cycle #4.


    All these headaches are just going to prepar you for then you get pregnant!! I had headaches the first few months…So I guess get used to it!! LOL



    We aren’t using OPKs this month, but I am DEF ovulating right now! I’ve never had symptoms this strong w/ ovulation so I hope this is it! The pain is also on the opposite side so maybe thats a good thing too? FXd! I have a bloodtest scheduled for next wed to test my progesterone, tsh, and prolactin. Still not sure what all that means. lol Then another blood test for fsh after my next period…if I get it! I’m trying not to get my hopes up this month since the doc thinks I will probably need some help w/ my short luteal phase. I hope we all get BFPs for christmas!!

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