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    Ok something weird just happened… this will b tmi but I wanna know. I went to bathroom for a bm. but I felt alott pressure in my belly in addition to the eager to still pee after I already peed . now I have slight discomfort . why u think that was?


    Cherry- About the vacation thing…I am doing that also! It’s sounds so silly when i tell people, so I don’t. This is my first month trying and I am so hoping I get a BPF. I know it is super unlikely since I just came of off the pill but if I dont get once this month then I have to take a break until December which will just kill me. Actually I probably won’t let myself take a break and then could end up ruining our family vacation. Oh well it would be worth it. 🙂 Princess- Thanks for the info, I definitely need more than 7! What is the website? I want to order some right now.! 🙂



    dmmarine – That would be so exciting to move all over the country! I’m sure there’s downfalls to that too, but I’ve never lived anywhere but California and have always wanted to try out other states. Just too rooted here.



    im GREAT lol now that i know i have finally O’d im just excited to try soy next cycle!! 🙂



    tested at 10DPO.. BFN :(. This is our second month TTC. Just waiting for AF to show up so that we can start the third month!! How is everyone doing??


    Thanks! We will see huh?? Really, aw man!!


    Kristy- I’m waiting for AF to show then ill be on round 4. It has gone super quick hasn’t it! X



    so sorry Diane 🙁 We all want you to get your sticky BFP more then anything.



    Congrats lora! I would be flipping out if I puked 4 times in a day at only 4 weeks. Goodluck and I hope it’s not too rough on you.


    lol not me Arctic — Testing till the BFP or AF come =)


    My BF wants to wait until around the 10th of March to take a test, just to make sure. I don’t know if I will be able to wait that long.



    Oh my gosh, I heard that on the radio the other day about the Duggers. That is just plain wrong! She cannot look the same down yonder if you know what I mean-LOL!



    Hi Ladies- I am 6 DPO and trying not to let every twinge convice myself that I might be pregnant. We got lucky with my daughter on the first try.. I do not think I could be that lucky again. I am planning on waiting until next Tuesday to test with generic test and I will use my FRER on that Friday. I was wondering.. I am still breastfeeding my daughter. I am wondering if I will still get breast tenderness? Good luck to all of you!!



    I got a clear BFP on the first response first then the internet strips……and the clear BFP didn’t happen until about 11DPO…and even then it was really faint



    Af was due sat. And still a no show but still getting a bfn… 🙁 so I guess I just sit and wait for the witch to show so I can try again next month…

Viewing 15 posts - 53,881 through 53,895 (of 131,346 total)

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