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    Terriann- I too feel defeated :/ I tested yesterday cause.of course I couldn’t wait and another BFN
    I very regular and have been since 15 yrs old. Idk why else af hasn’t shown her face. The only thing I can think of is I ovulated late or I’m irregular now. I really do just feel like breaking down…


    all this waiting is driving me mad!!! lol i would love to know either way if I am preg or not!!


    Terriann: wishing you the best I hope you not only get your answer soon but that its what your heart desires 🙂 ….so ladies have you ever heard of taking geritol? Its a liquid vitamin…one of my friends swears by it she got pregnant both times after taking it daily for a short time…I also took it 2months before I got pregnant with my 1 year old son…but I’m not going to exclusively say that geritol itself got me pregnant…I had also went on a healthy diet..was exercising almost every day…I’m thinking I’m going to practice. Doing some of the things I did before I got pregnant the first time…Are there anything you guys are doing to help get pregnant?…I would chart my ovulation and my temp but that really added stress to me doing so…it took us 2years to get pregnant the first time! For the fIrst year and 3months we had this mind frame of letting things happen…the last 9months we were a bit more proactive in making it happen…we had saw an infertility doctor and so forth..



    LC Melbourne–CONGRATS HUN!!!!!!!
    when was ur lmp? any sympthoms? and what cd ur on?
    lol im sooo happy 4 u!!!
    have u tried any help? like me i did the soy from cd2 cd3 cd4 cd5 cd6 and im still using pre fun!
    cd 17 here…CONGRAST AGAIN HUN!!!!


    Good morning ladies! First off, I’d like to give a huuuge CONGRATS to all the ladies (& their fams) who have gotten their much longed for BFP’s!!! 🙂
    I’ve never actually written on any boards on this site, though I’ve been cruising it for a few ‘baby fever’ years! Ever since my nephew, who just turned two, was conceived! I guess you’d call me a creep 😛 though, I assure you I’m not! Lol
    Anywho, you may or may not have seen my post that we officially started ttc our first child on Saturday, which was CD 19 (I have 33/34 day cycles).. It’s scary, yet so exciting! I don’t expect this to be easy though… But, we’ll see.. Yay for my first 2ww! 😛
    Baby dust to all!



    cd20 here and having a dull stapping pain on left side…bd alot 4 the past 2 1/2 weeks used soy iso and pre seed…any thoughts? maybe i might be ‘oing’ late or again ..i dont kw!!!!ugghhhh



    It’s one of those days 2 day where all I wanna do is just lock myself away and cry 🙁 anyone else feel like this sometimes



    o ok cool..i did soy from cd 2 till cd6, they say its like clomid..and im doin and still doing the pre seed! fuuun!
    im having headaches and sleepy alot and a lil sore bb on top.pain on left side.and a bad itchy feeling down there sry tmi…maybe becuzz of all the bdin and pre seed! im on cd21..been tryin for a lil over 3 yrs!!! if this dont work..imma go nuts!!!



    Mommys1stmiracle: me too, I really didn’t want another March baby since I had my son in March. My family has alot of days in march and July. I am hoping for a April or may baby! FX it happens for us. Have you tested or are you going to wait it out?



    I’ve heard of an Rh Negative having troubles are you a negative? I’m O- and I had to get shots throughout my pregnancy and when I had Noelle her blood type is different than mine and they had a lot of concerns for her when she was born but she’s never had a problem


    [;ppJUSTINE…this morning i took a hpt and it came out as a BFN..then in work it dawned on me that i had two different htc levels pregnancy;/;/// test,(they looked the same) so when i came home i tested with one of each again..and i got 1 BFN and one BFP. so maybe the tests that are coming out as BFN are not senisitive enough

    MOMIIB..i had a huge breakout of acne 2 dpo..i felt like a teenager…i know why i got it now.

    Andy..i bought a load of pregnancy tests on i can feed my poas addication..My 3 year old daughter was asking me ‘mommy why are you always peeing on sticks’ hahaha.

    Ive tested today again and got a slight darker line….yippeee

    thanks everyone for your congrats….taking a first response tomoro…then if thats BFP then ill let myself get really excited.



    lol cocoluv…I am surprised at the amount since I have been taking clomid and that is meant to dry things a bit lol……shellyb I say test again in a week if AF doesn’t show


    Ok, ladies, I’ve got a bit of a personal question. Do you or have you O w/o ewcm? Per my iap ovulation calendar, today should be the day. I’ve had slight cramps today, which makes me think I might be Oing, but no ewcm. I honestly don’t remember if I had this occurrence when we tried for our daughter as I had given up all hope that we’d ever conceive, so I simply stopped watching for signs and don’t even get me started on OPK’s! I never got a positive! I’m not sure if it might be too early to even consider my body being ready to O since this is only my 2nd cycle off NuvaRing, but was just curious if anyone else may have had a similar experience.



    @ LCMelbourne – thanks!! Thats my new technique then if it worked for you. i wasnt too sure if elevating my hips and putting a pillow under my bottom during BD would actually work but it was worth a shot but since it worked for you now im happy : )



    Yay justine! So happy for ya!

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