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    Why are Af symptoms the same as pg symptoms and why does clomid make it worse?!! Growing and sharp pains today and twice my boobs started tingling! Gaaahhh



    My due date would be the 28th of August but I would probably have to have another csection so it would be earlier. Especially if Im high risk like I was with Evan.



    oh dang!! soo sorry ink! my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! but I hope this is not what it looks like…or maybe something that could be fixed/stopped… soo sorry..keep us updated!! !



    hmm just starting to notice frequent urination here! ha ha. then again, i did have a soda over an hour ago! but i swear just peed 10 minutes ago and gotta go again! but im holding it ha ha



    Luv- I am around I just don’t comment a lot why aren’t you trying this month did the doctor tell you to wait or are you getting testing done I can’t remember.


    Moschops – I love the name Indie..i personally think Rose would be a nice middle name with it..just my opinion though lol 🙂 so hard to think of names



    Nicole- I’m temping and will be using opks and monitoring my cm. the opks haven’t worked well for me in the past so I hope I can get a positive this month. They usually get close but still aren’t considered positive. Some friends suggested using a digital when it looks close to know for sure.



    Congrats on the BFP Lisa!! What a wonderful christmas present!



    Shaym,sher-baby -I really think you both ovulated already! good luck with the tww! Its so hard to be patient! im probally the worst with that lol,feeling the urge to test constantly.Ill pray its your bfp month! *babydust*



    HIHI every body I’m back on here looking forward to getting to know some of your situations and how you all cope with the two week wait!!!?

    So here the deal I O on the 8th of this month we BDed on 6th 7th 8th 10th 12th my BBs were sore 13th and I’ve been soooo tired and been having cramps since around the 8th(I get cramps befor AF but not that early)but today it has all stopped ..I’m so confused has any one ever felt like this? It’s so hard not to read into everything when you’re TTC.



    k’mon wake up DM!!!…LOL I’m dying to know the results of your frer !!…LOL!!



    congrats claire 😀 xx



    Cd 11 here. Took my first opk this morning. It actually has a pretty decent line on it. I’m wondering if I might o sooner than usual this month. Usually cd 19 is my positive. Maybe taking that progesterone last month is fixing my cycles? Maybe I’ll o closer to cd 14 like normal cycles? Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it, and it will still be cd 19. Either way, we are still preventing pregnancy this cycle so I can do one more round of progesterone to boost my lining. Then next month it’s the big clomid, hcg trigger shot, and IUI!!!! Finally getting excited that its closer. It was depressing last month to keep thinking I had to wait two more months. It’s been a nice mental break from the losses though. A regular period instead of miscarriage was a nice change. This cycle is already flying by, so I can’t wait for next month! Hoping to see some bfps from you guys. Seems like its been awhile since we’ve had one on here… Fx for all of us!



    Ugh…my temp dropped alot today so I guess I am waiting for AF. 🙁



    Just a little older than my guy, he’s a November baby.

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