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    Phoenix- I’m trying to finish my MBA, have about 6 courses left..I’m taking 2 right now..but I’m more into opks and O’ing right now lol I guess the biological clock ticking cannot be stopped!



    yep mine started last night and this m,orning it was gone, but now i see that im discharging again so im not really sure what to think. my periods are due on saturday,


    BEKAH: Im still here..LOL I had a huge brain fart since arguing with the dd about taking a bath.. LoL.. I still think your dh passed a kidney stone..sounds to much like what my dh goes through..



    I had one light brown spot when I wiped on Saturday morning (implantation?) and my cycles have been all messed up since I went off the pill 4 months ago so I’m not 100% positive when af is due this month. But I keep getting BFN when I test with the FMU. I think, if that was implantataion, it was around 10 dpo. My question is, how long after implantation spotting could I expect to get a BFP, or should it already have come by now? I have no sign of af! Uggg I hope this is my month!



    Good Starburst – thanks! I’m eating Tums like candy, and the tender bb’s might do me in, but other than that, I feel great!


    well just took a digi



    kitz – yes i used OPK. Showed surge on 23rd Dec so to be safe I am saying I ovulated on 24th. We BD on 23rd. I just dont understand other than my HCG is not showing up. I miscarried in May 2007, and when i tested for that the line was very faint (I was 5 days late). When i tested 6 days late I used a digital test and it showed BFP. I am just hoping that I am one of these people whos HCG hormone does not show up so early. I cant think of anything else. Can you?



    Andy21-Looks like we are in the same boat…AF showed up for me this morning too… We are also planning on using the ovualtion test this coming month….that’s how we got pregnant with our first two kids. I just thought since last month was our first month trying for our 3rd baby we’d try without the tests but I guess I will have to buy some. The one good thing about all this is that AF showed up on time…I do’t think I have ever had a perfect 28 day cycle since I started my period in 6th grade till now!



    RubyLove – Thanks for your help, I’ll play around with a few different tips I received today and see what happens. I’m not sure that he’s teething because he’s his happy normal self during the day and even nap time isn’t really a fight. Maybe he’s developed a fear of the dark, but he has two night lights {shrug}. Hopefully it’ll pass, I can’t stand hearing him cry like he does, I end up teary eyed too.


    Would really appreciate a response. I’m confused as to when I should test this month as my period was 4 days late last month. Was told to Stick with what should have been original ovulation date which would have been the 5th June. When should I try a test??



    mrssmith600 – Let me be the first to CONGRATULATE YOU, if your OPK is showing positive again most likely you’re pregnant! Have you tried a HPT?

    BethSilva -CM increases when you’re pregnant, what CD are you on?



    Any of you girls got a psychic readings?if yes, what are your opinions on it?



    i really want to TEST am holding my self am 5dpo although i doubt am pregnant but i want to know



    thanks young mum…im gonna test on my hubbys bday. july 6th…2 days before i start 🙂


    Dawn, I just cut and pasted it. LOL

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