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    keisha- I have read that BDing on the most fertile days- for you Saturday and Sunday and Monday each day is best. We have been doing it every other day since cd7. (planned on from cd8 on, but cd7 just happened ha.) Anyways, I too am supposedly most fertile Sat., Sun, and Monday, so I’m trying to decide whether to BD once every day or not. Also, I read online that since the egg can stick around for 12-24 hours that the day after could also get you pregnant. So, you may want to consider BDing on Tuesday too. That’s a lot of BDing ha!



    Cpalmer-I’m good. I think today is O day….maybe it will be my month? Probably would be since I didn’t really give it a real try this month, lol. I’m waiting to hear if my hubby is going to buy a boat today. We have been looking for one and he might have found THE one. If so I’ll be a bathing beauty this weekend….well maybe not a beauty but bathing anyways.


    Af is due on the 13th. No real signs of it coming yet. I am not sure this month. I have decided to ignore my symptoms and chalk them up to pms. I am only testing if af doesnt come. I havent spotted like last month. Who knows once again our bodies are crazy sometimes.



    hey Ladies



    Okay…so hubby and I decided to try the bd every other day method this cycle…since we haven’t had any sucess for the past 7 cycles…Now, my cycles are super short (unless you count my cycle last month that teased me with a 29 day cycle…as all the others have been 25 days,..I ovulate late for a short cycle, and have been now taking Evening Primrose oil and B vitamins (Almong with my usual extra folic acid, DHA and etc)…anyhoo…As I ramble…Who has tried the every other day method? Should we amp up around expected O time? ((I am not taking O tests, but rather following my bodys signs (CM and pains)…


    HOTLIPS an AF that lasts 6 days does not mean that you will have a 28 day cycle, you cycle could be anything from 20 to 40 days with a 6 day AF. it does not have to be 28. if that is what u are asking. how many days usually pass from the first day of your periods?



    BFP!!!! I couldnt wait and just took a first response and theres 2 lines there one is faint but It is deffenantly there then I checked the one i took the other day cos one was there too must of not waited long enough I am going to take another one tomorrow morning or thursday to see if it gets darker!!!



    Ovulation calndars weren’t always right for me, but the digital OPK usually was.



    I actually had 2 positive tests at 9dpo but they didn’t get darker, then again I started using less sensitive tests. I guess we’ll see. And congrats poofy!



    Good Morning wonderful TTC ladies! I got a BFP on my OPK this morning, I’m crampy so I know it’s true…hopefully the last couple days of BD worked! Now the wonderful 2WW, how can I keep my mind from suspecting every twitch or body ache is a sign of pregnancy? If I get a chance I’ll post my OPKs from the last two days so those that are question whether or not they have positive can see what mine looked like.



    I decided to wait to ttc for a few months b/c we are moving and changing jobs etc. We’ve been trying since March. Anway we didn’t BD on the correct days or anything this month so I just took a test to check b/c I had it sitting around. BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just in shock



    hey ladies anyone there?



    Confused HELP!!
    My period was June 26-30, 2010.

    July 2-6, 2010 started first round of clomid 5days only 100mg.

    July 11-16 due to a strange high sexual burst I was having (lord knows why it was strange) husbnd and I made love.

    July 15, 2010 OPK had two lines for O/V made love twice that day.

    July 16, 2010 OPK had two lines for O/V made love twice that day.

    July 18, 20 and 27, 2010 husband and I made love. My niples sore and feeling tired all the time.

    July 25, 2010 Period was supose to be on!

    July 26-28 no period my niples stop feel better but feeling dizzy and tired still!

    July 29, 2010 had light brownish discharged in the morning by end of the day it was brownish-pink. Having lower back cramping and belly feeling dizzy and tired. Still no peroid!

    July 30, 2010 (today) brownish discharged turned pink by now (2:11pm) its red but flowing lighter then my normal period. I feel crampy back and belly, dizzy, and sicky like.

    I don’t understand what is going on. its this a first day period after 5 days being late? Has anyone else experience this? Husband and I are trying since our m/c on Feb.14, 2010. sighhhh so confused….



    bone, that’s the problem I’m having! If I have to get up to use the restroom, I’m usually awake before DH’s alarm goes off. You’re supposed to take the temp before you get up/move and I can’t ever guarantee when I’ll have to pee LOL



    Hi Ladies I dont know wat to do! Im on CD31 and no AF yet, Iv done like 2 dollarstore tests in the past week and 2 expensive ones and BFN!! Im never late my cycle is always 28 days… with my last pregnancy I tested the day AF was supposed to show up and got a BFP, now nothing! Im feeling very nauseous and tired, but I went to the doctors and got a urine test done there and BFN?? so confused

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