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    cutie, thanks, u calm me down a bit.



    Took a glooorious nap yesterday and just may take one tonight. So tired and it doesn’t help that work is slow and I’m bored to death.
    I just want to see a damn bfp!



    everyone must have gone for dinner


    Alicia ~ Implantation maybe ??? Still crampy here and trying not to test even though I want to cave so bad … I just have a feeling this is our month …



    i just talked to the girl and she said they are backed up and it wont be until next week….oh my god. this is not cool 🙁

    eeyore u wont O until 24-48 hours after ur last pos OPK, if its still pos u have time 🙂


    CD 3….blah :/ HAPPYMAMA….i have a feeling this is gonna be along cycle…i have super irregular ones:(



    ya haha…i think so too! sorry! i MEAN 2010!1 lol


    Morning all. Hi taylorttc. You can buy pressed from amazon. I have it in my basket ready to buy if AF shows this month. I wanted a natural conception. Ut I’m at the point where any help will do.



    morning ladies, it is now 10:47am im in uk, i have had belly ache and slight cramping this morning so im guessing af is on her way, i was daft to get my hopes up, even tho i said it to myself and on here a thousand times, i wasnt expecting bfp this month with me just coming off b/c..ah well look forward to a full month of ttc again lol..excited hang in there, u too cpalmer x x


    10 dpo… af is due saturday!! I think I may test friday not sure yet .. very crampy …. not getting my hopes up but would love for this to be our month!



    Okay never mind…I don’t know WHAT HAPPENED!!! It changed my name and erased everything…wouldn’t let me log in NOTHING!!!! Than bam!! After I just sat here and cried my eyes out everything is all back to normal!! (looks like it’s time to back everything up!) lol!! SORRY LADIES!!! SWEET DREAMS! 🙂


    YAY in two hours I will be cd 23 and down to the one week wait … with a 30 day cycle hopefully …. anyone due to test next friday or saturday ??



    hello hello::::::::::::::::::::::::;echos:::::::::::::::::::;;;;;hello hello::::::::::::::;;

    =) anyone out there???



    lilpa – Ooo best of luck to you!!!



    Anyone get tired of doing the BD? I am so tired now. We did it so much from July 26-Aug 3. Im done!

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