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    thanks all for your positivity i think i have just had that many set backs im just setting myself up for the fall again, my lower back is really aching today and still feel something down there, feels heavier if that makes any sense?! good luck to all testing again wednesday, i hope we all get BFPs that day, will really make the birthday celebrations. come on baby implant pleaseeee 🙂



    I was just scanning the web about Selective Salpingography – and the reviews from women who had it done sounded very positive. Seems to be an uncomfortable, but not a painful procedure. Low risk for damage to fallopian tubes.



    Chrisitne and Jen, you brightened my day. YEAH!!! I am soo happy for you both. The spotting stopped over here. I will know something in a day or two… Keep us updated!



    wantsagirl- Congrats on your BFP!! I’m so happy for you! Happy & healthy 9 months! kimkayb & damnkat- Thank you for your help. The BDing resumes!



    and4eva- sometimes when you release an egg a cyst remains on the side you O’d from. Yes definately the problem could also be you DP, but with your extremely irregular cycles, there has to be something going amiss on your side.


    lachica….i am on cd 17. Still no o yet. Last month i od in the evening of cd 17. But dh and i have been bding at least once a day…thats my favorite part of ttc.



    TaylorTTC – giving yo more hope, i even had cryo aurgery on my cervix that time fram and after a few weeks i went to the hospital thinking i had an infection from the surgery and found out i was preggo! So ya, its possible! Hes my miracle, perfect boy!



    I’d actually even be happy with a positive OPK cause DH is home the rest of the week so we have lots of time while DD naps



    af was suppose to show tody but no sign or symptoms of her. i have no cramping or backache i normally get those every month a week before she arrives. and my stomach is feeling a little unsettled. if you have anything to say about this please write it on my profile please



    HEY! lol



    Just got my bfp with a digital


    nadz- yeaaa lol sometimes i wish i was a canadian….it would be nice



    Mommytoabi – It is still early!!! That is def a positive! I hope that eggy is digging a home for a long 9 months!! 🙂 Please go get a FRER and come back and let us know!! Lol POAS addict over here. Dmmarine – haha too funny!!! Its hard not to POAS when you in this group lol I hope you can get a pic uploaded I would love to see your test! Elize – OMG sooo scary…idk if that would affect the egg or not!?? But I do agree I would just go to the doctors to get a check up just to be safe!!! For me CD38…AF has not came…Last Wednesday and yesterday I thought she had come and then she disappears….this is beyond frustrating I just wish she would come on so we can get this show on the road!



    Sorry ttcbby1, I have no clue, maybe your bbs took an off month? I have cramps almost every day in my TWW since getting off BC pills as my weird symptom if it makes you feel better.



    dmmarinewife – Thank you dmmarinewife, I just went to Amazon and saw 50 pregnancy tests for 9.50, free shipping, I bought it, but then remembered my husband has a card attached to my account, and quick checked the online banking, and low, my account only has 9 dollars in it, he took out 50 for…I will ask him when he is done with work, but this means I have to run to the bank and deposit 20 dollars fast, but I am babysitting, gotta wait til the mom gets back, yikes! Well I have to go to the library anyway to drop off some books, its on the way.

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