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    ya we want a summer baby this time… my dh is a teacher so hes off during the summers…if we arent PG by Nov, we will wait til March, April to TTC,,will have another winter baby, easier for DH to take off of school then



    okay I have a question. I’m taking the B6 for my LP which appears to only b 10 days. I’m drinking green tea for CM. doing the bbt and opk. now w my last baby my cervix started thinning at 4mos. So I was thinking instead of keeping the pressed maybe I should which to FertileCM. What u think?????I read that helps with the uterine wall.



    good luck sazauk…..well ladies I am feeling sooo tired that I am off to bed…..good night all………….. .*-:-*BABYDUST*-:-* TO EVERYONE*-:-*



    Morning 2 no period. Dr apt mon!



    Good morning guys! Just wondering if anyone is on asthma meds or have taken them on a regular basis while pregnant. I was diagnosed with asthma last year and my doctor has me on a pretty high dose of Advair. Also, I am getting allergy shots. I am nervous with the whole TTC while being on meds?!



    Well I’m not necessarily trying after all the heart break of bfns and def not tracking anything. All of a sudden I have EWCM which I didn’t have for the past 3 months. Am I excited? Most definitely!!! Scared too. I’m gonna BD of course and pray that these next few weeks don’t torment me.



    we try hard but for a month now my hubby has been working as a truck driver he is gone most the week he is home tuesday night and then friday and sat and sunday


    Hi Everyone,
    I am wanting to know if any of you will know………….the first day of my period was 1st June – I have 31 days in a cycle but on some calculators its saying the most fertile day is the 15th? We did it the day after 16th!!! Is there a possibility of getting pregnant on that day – the day after your most fertile?. xxx.



    even tho i got a BFn this morning??


    Weezuz- hugs hugs hugs. Yes I have days like that too. Let it out, I guarentee you’ll feel better <3



    Yeh iv been extra tired, and having headackes, but think the headackes from the clomid coz iv had them since I started. Yeh that’s proberly from all the beding and pre-seed. 3 years is a long time, I hope it works is this the first month uv started with the soy and pre-seed?



    OMG, I just went to the restroom and wiped and its light pink ;( I guess AF arrived ;( stupid witch is early and wasn’t due til Friday….that means I only had a 21 day cycle ;( I am so upset not only bc I’m not PG but feel like I won’t get or carry a PG bc my cycles r short. My doc said it wouldn’t worry unless it was shorter than 21 days consistently. ;(



    well can’t hurt and techncically they could hang out that long but realistically I think the longest you can expect them to hang out is like 2-3 days.



    Well, I even tool three FRER tests last night & today, im jusy going to go with bfn at this point. Stop trying to.convince myself I see a faint line, bc its driving me nuts. So, im out of hpts & wont test til next week id af doesnt come by then. Ive literally blown through aboht 50 tests in a week, which is probably $100 or more. So, I cant.afford that addiction any longer!



    Hi ladies, I went to the doctor wednesday after TTC for 10 months for another pre-conception interview. After the interview, the doctor suggested that I may be having signs of PCOS and had me come in thursday for an external and pelvic ultrasound to confirm. The tech said that my ovaries displayed ‘classic PCOS’ and on the monitor they appeared to have black pearl necklaces around both the right and left sides. Today I started Clomid which is supposed to help ripen my eggs and stimulate my ovaries to release at least one if not a couple (very scary!). Have any of you tried Clomid? Did it work for you? Did you have single or multiple pregnancies? Just curious, and nervous. Thanks.

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