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    7 mins to go…..



    Good luck to all the lovely ladies testing in the next few days, come on we need some more BFP’s!!!!!



    gosh…you ladies really keep track of everything…i just try to have fun w/my hubby and let mother nature do the rest



    2dpo I guess not really sure as last month I only had a 20 day cycle! But I was walking around walmart and I had the weirdest cramps ever! Idk what that was about but it brought me to my knees in walmart infront of my dh and my sons. Tears streaming down my face and I couldnt move for 3 mins. Then all of the sudden it was over! I got up and finished shopping. It was so weird. No spotting or bm so idk. But this morning I slept until quarter after 11! I thought that was odd. Still tired!


    Artic, I just posted a blog… the stupid phots were all blurry and impossible to even see.. I’ll try again.
    My head is spinning, I don’t know what to even…think!



    cd8 here, and going to start OPK’s on monday and we are bd every other day til it goes positive, then that day plus 2 more and skip and 1 more does that sound good to you ladies?


    I thought I was the smart one and not her…. I am so confused. I am just hoping and praying that the blood test comes back positive. She said she would call me with the results tomorrow. I told her that either way I wanted a referral to an OB because there in no reason why I should have got 5 positives this month and 3 last month and not be pregnant unless I was miscarrying very early. If thats the case I need to be seen and figure out what is going on with my body. I am going to take my HPT tonight after I hold my pee for 4 hours. I also have one to take in the morning. I can’t believe this is happening.



    REFINNE-*hugs* back at ya girl. I started taking the aspirin the day after my FD mentioned it. I take daily my pre-natals, vit C, B complex and now the aspirin. I never thought I’d take this many pills until I was elderly. LMAO!!! I hope your ‘light’ turns green soon 🙂



    Wow. That is early. I haven’t heard of one showing positive that early. Definately test again in a few days. Good luck sweetie.



    Thank you clara!



    semper – You really should test using fmu, especially when you’re testing early.



    lovemyangel – merry christmas for you!! congrats!!!



    Arctic- last pregnancy i was super dizzy, my Dr told me it is one of the more common signs of early pregnancy cuz your body is all out of wack.. well he used more technical terms, but u get the idea



    hopingtobecompregnant I hear ya girl! im still waiting on a bfp instead of all the bfn’s im getting! af was due a few days ago and still nothing…feeling alittle cramping so i am praying praying to god its not her, just want her to stay as far away as possible hah. I was just telling my husband it amazes me how many people around are having or finding out they are preggers…and what amazes me even more…his step sister just turned 19 and has a 7m old baby girl and is in her 25th week of her 2nd pregnancy with a little boy….I just dont understand how people like that can get pregnant the first time you bd and then again…and we all are trying so hard…. Then his brothers girlfriend is due in June and they dont even like eachother…haha…once again I feel defeated….just praying praying praying…..Just bums me out.



    Hi all! So I tested this morning and no BFP …buuuuut There is a little teeny weeny faint positive!! I’m just so afraid to get my hopes up cuz I’ve read about a lot of women having chemicals pregnancies rite after mirena

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