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    Okay, so after the light pt a couple days ago I have taken a digital test and it said pregnant… I guess I am! Wow- I can not believe what a month July has been for IAP!


    thank u turtlefur, ur chart was so promising, has ot sunk in yet lol. yeah ill hold off until the 11th :), i dont remember wen i last poas, i predict i ovulated by my ewcm. and camt even wait for af to show as i dont have afs lol. hope u keep well and a very h&h 9 months to you keep us all updated ans hopefully were all be following you soon in the weeks xx



    Tiffy….I don’t think anyone is 100% financially ready for a child.



    Damkat- I hope you have found a medical team that will be as helpful as you are to us in this forum. You so deserve to know what’s going on and hopefully a bfp is not far off!
    Deas-i’m really sorry about 2 chems in a row. Some people might not get it but WE know any pg that ends is a loss. FX for a sticky BFP in your future!



    when do you go register? after 4 months?


    ok i just read online that its best to wait till you are a week late and some women dont get a positive till they are 3-4 weeks late



    amanda…if i would have gotten preg this month i would have been due april 4th



    @praying – we bd every day during my fertile time last month and no luck 🙁 not sure if we just missed the egg – I didn’t ever do a OPK but this month we are on the SMEP train hoping that the evry other day method will work. Fingers crossed for a BFP this month..



    well my mom is coming up to take me shopping, now i wont be able to go through the baby girls section and fantasize like normal lol!!


    Congrats, Finnishbaby! 🙂 So excited for you!!



    i still have my head cold from 9 dpo lol well my nose stopped runnin the next day and has been stuffy ever since, its annoying…its summer, i shouldnt be stuffed up!



    no AF but I feel like she’s coming tomorrow. I’m CD 39 today, don’tcha love those long cycles…not.



    D – I have all my belly pics from 21 weeks to 2 weeks PP on my profile. It stretched a bit, but it went right back to normal! I WAS SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!! LOL!



    I am 7DPO and my BBs have been hurting all day. My ovaries have also had a dull pain all day. I really hope its a good sign. I can’t wait to test next week! I don’t have any HPT in the house because I know that I would go through them so quickly. I am trying to hold off on buying them until my testing day.



    Just saw your pic Chasity – frustrating! Cautious optimism here as we wait another day to see if AF or a BFP can finally put an end to the misery!

Viewing 15 posts - 54,826 through 54,840 (of 131,346 total)

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