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    Sher- Initially I thought despite my temps I o’d on CD 17 because of all other fertility signs. Now with temps I am wondering if I o’d on CD 22 or CD 26 3- Wow scary! Glad he is okay!! brandy- post them in the photo book!



    Anyone want to take a look at my chart and tell me what you think?


    Shay- Up until today, no. But today I had horrible cramps and awful mood swings. My daughters birthday was today and they didn’t do her cake how I wanted so I sat in the parking lot sobbing. Ha! How about you? 3wouldbe- Fingers crossed for you!! Luv- How is your thyroid? i had the same problem before- got preggo easily but they wouldn’t stick. now we can’t even get preggo. I hate my body. But, I just learned my thyroid is slow and so they think that might have contributed to the miscarriages.



    Well, the parade is over, and what a blast! friends came over with their kids, we had hot chocolate and of course, saw Santa 😉 Poor Seb was SO needing a nap, and we ended up watching from outside after… that was a task, as he just wanted to run after the floats as they passed by! He just went for his nap, and was asleep before he even laid down. I am enjoying some nice apple cinnamon tea now…. ahhhhhhhh!



    And now that I know my numbers, I am assuming I ovulate at the far end of the window, so I probably should have waited a couple days, and then started counting. I also think I take a long time to implant. With two of my successful past pregnancies, the doctors always gave me a later due date than expected based off of cycles after they did the first ultrasound. So I was already thinking I o late and take my sweet time implanting. It makes sense now. I am guessing by the numbers I am right around 4 weeks instead of 5 weeks, even though I was expecting AF around the 12 or 13… Does that make sense? Makes for a long first trimester…



    Goodnight everyone! The bonus of going to sleep at night is waking up the next morning being 1dpo closer to poas or 1d closer to ‘o’. yippeeee! Baby dust to all. I look forward to reading all the goss tomorrow (hoping to see news of some bfp’s), theres usually around 5/6 pages for me to catch up on. You are all so busy on here when i am sleeping!



    im turning 28 this year and same with me – I want to be finished carrying babys by time i’m 30 (32 max incase we don’t have a boy next)



    Man I have to wait so long until my first OB appointment. Feb. 1st is my first appointment.



    Do any of you ladies track your CM? That seems to be a great indicator for me, but maybe I’m lucky. I don’t know if that tends to be an issue for other women. I use Fertility Friend to give me an idea of ovulation, and I get the EWCM at that time.



    ha ha cuz im at work, wearing big tall boots, and i hate walking in them 🙂 ha ha ha. aka. IM LAZY!!! I don’t wanna walk to the bathroom! its not far, im just lazy ha ha



    I usually don’t check my cervix.. I did a couple months ago and it was low and open 5 days before AF showed up.. I am due today or tomorrow and my cervix is low, but closed.. just hoping that means it’s not coming!



    you ladies have lots of patience! im literally down to 1 test, from 10! ha ha. thats what i get for testing hella early 🙂 but oh well. life ggoooeeessss on! lisa and sam….please please please look at my newest pic, hopefully you can see it better?


    Jamie I used the clearblue. It gave me the smiley face last thursday. thats why I unsure what all this cm is about right now, period should be here next week. I think Im gonna take a test tomorrow….cause I am an impatient spaz and cant wait any longer. Prolly gonna be a BFN but I cant just sit here and twiddle my thumbs. I am just way too antsy. Good thing I bought some from the good old dollar store!! Ill save my money for a name brand one when I get closer. do you HAVE to use a bbt thermometer to temp or can u use a reg one?



    As for me, I am 17 or 18 dpo. I was due for af on the 21st, and felt cramps that day, but since than, no cramps. And I have not gotten any bleeding. All my symptoms are getting so much stronger and pointing toward pregnancy. I am starting to get so excited!!



    Which will be 10dpo and cd27

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