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    bridget – if your saying that your short ‘AF’ in Aug may have been implantation bleeding does that not mean that you would have got PG in Aug? if so then you would be far enough on to test i think……….maybe iv got that wrong, was just checking lol!!


    how long are you ttc avasmama



    yeh he would have loved it glad i found out otherwise i coudlnt have coped! it still seems wet and had a tiny bit of ewcm but not stretchy or anything though, yesterday though was so weird there was a horrible ball of ewcm i assume but it was like jelly urgh never had that before it was all gloppy and disgusting. But other than that its been coming and going



    im doing good lol just eating junk i shouldnt eat and watching backyardagains with my dd how are you did you test yet?


    xweegeex~~ I know!! I have one FRER Digital and i do not want to waste it!! On a goood note i will have a friend staying with me for a week so that will get me practically to the days that i can test. Thurs we leave to monterey to have a day out with the family and then pick her up. So Four days of torture lol!



    Went pee again (that makes 101 times today) and now I’ve gone from watery pink CM to water brown CM. I’m going to lose my mind today I can tell! Good thing you girls are here.



    Yea, I will be temping so I will know for sure but it was disheartening to not get that second +. I was really leaning on that to affirm that the first one was a ‘go’. Blah. I am disappointed.



    Sarah – you’re preggo girl! I just looked at your profile page – your pics from your last pregnancy are awesome!


    I am 8dpo


    Yeah like BFP- big fat penis my fiance has already told me that one



    I added a blog to my page regarding my fertility test results. If some of you wanna look and tell me what you think I would appreciate it. Thanks!



    Yes, if you google the Instead Cup, it supposed to be used during your period, but women are using it with TTC. I also have been using the clearblue fertility monitor since last May, and have been charting, for the last 5 months, the monitor predicted my ovulation, right along with my temps. And tmi, I tried to do some things to spice up bding, since it had become a real chore, my husband is happy, and so am I. 🙂



    terrac, temps after waking up and getting on the go can fluctuate, down, up – all over! Don’t pay attention to what day temps do or it will just cause confusion. Your resting BBT is the one that tells you what your hormones are up to 🙂



    mamacas – have you updated your chart? Did your temps continue to rise over the weekend? Keep tracking – I made the mistake of assuming I had ovulated early in my cycle, only to have my actual temp shift happen a week later than originally calculated.



    mrsbugs- I love that! The Oracle! Its perfect, really. =)

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