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    Woohoo 10 months trying just got our bfp so excited. I haven’t been on here for a while.Hopefully A health nine months is ahead. Congrats ladies with BFP



    Oy all of this is confusing hahah! Ok so I will test with FMU. It says I only have to do it once but I have read where people have done it more than once…should I do it twice a day?!? These are the Clear Blue digital OPK’s just FYI! Thanks ladies for your input!



    Hmm, maybe you O’ed in your sleep, and the ovulation pain came and went as you slept. The changes in bb’s may mean you have O’ed already. Sometimes we just have a ‘different’ feeling cycle. When you are having a cycle where you are not sure, you’re best off keeping up the BD as much as possible!



    I also had a dream last night that I was pregnan but that’s prob because that’s all I can think about at the moment! Lol


    LOL oh we BD’ed last night and the night before LOL
    i cant have a late egg…this is TMI BUT my CM is so non existant and what is there is crazy tacky



    oooooohh all interesting stuff!! @indigocream did it! looked it up and wow! but the only thing is for my phase, i should have not conceived mt last child (which i lost 2 wks ago at 17 wks) this rings true before ever knowing about my lunar phase. i was on holiday without dh when ‘i conceived’ and no i did not cheat :)) but its weird by all accounts it should not have happened and if lunar cycles have effects than maybe i was destined to loose my poor son. mkaes for some interesting thought, hmmm…….. but i am going to keep a close eye on my cycle relative to the moon phase and thursdays! i also just purchased my first set of opk’s yay me 🙂


    spunky how many DPO are you



    These HPT’s need to go… immediately, lol. It’s the worst habit ever!!!!!!!!!!!



    Well I called my Dr. They ordered a blood test. Just waiting on the results to find out if i’m pregnant or not. FINGERS CROSSED!



    my cycles are always spot on they have never even varied a day but you are right this would be the one month they would be off



    sounds promising hun! i hope u get ur bfp, its about darn time lol



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    *AMANDA* – I am trying for a boy too! I can see why you are having a hard time sleeping, you have a lot going through your mind after the BFP!! I am sooo happy for you!! Now you have to change your profile to pregnant LOL. Do you know when about your due date is?



    on a totally unrelated topic my 1 1/2 ds is playing with my boobs! he runs over and grabs one and runs away, so funny!



    you’re always welomed here sarah!!!!! jandrews I am sorry but I can’t help you. try temps and OPKs?

Viewing 15 posts - 5,626 through 5,640 (of 131,346 total)

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