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    fairbanks it depends but i just found out that its so much time on and then hes gets time off and i think they will fly him back and forth!!



    Thanks fizzy that would make sense – cheers xx



    My partner and I are thinking of baby names. We want Lily Ella but can’t decide weither to make it Lily Ella or Lily-Ella . What do use all think? & I think were having Degan Jett for a boy ??



    sherwanda I am sorry I am having trouble understanding your post. Some women know when they ovulate because they use test kits, and some chart their temp and others just follow their body signs and know. If you don’t know when it happened there is no real way to know until you get AF or a positive. You could guestimate that your next cycle might be 37 days and then subtract 14 from that and that would be when you may ovulate? But that would be a shot in the dark, but at least its a shot?



    sooooooooooooooo……………………..i had a major temp dip this morning……………….had me super worried…………..but not counting my chickens yet.



    Alicia- OMG that’s a BFP!!!! Wooohoooo Congrats!!!!



    aww chica, maybe if AF doesnt come soon, get bloodwork???


    no DM didnt get your chart 🙁


    ughh sooo tired…going to bed…goodnight ladies! talk to you all again soon and hoping the best for all of you!! 🙂



    DM – I also had preeclampsia. They induced me at 34 weeks. I was in labor for 22 hrs. my blood pressure was 190/100 I was pretty scared. Also you are suppose to have 15cm of fluid around the baby I only had 3cm so they told me it was like a fish with no water in its bowl so my daughter had stopped growing. She came out so easy.. I had nooooo pain.. and inbetween pushes I was telling my grandma I wanted to make cookies.. lol doctors told me I needed to focus haha well she was 4lbs and 17 inches long I seen her for like 2 min and they rushed her off to the NICU well then I started hermerging I started blacking out it was horrible. so I didn’t get to see my daughter until 24 hrs later when I was better. My baby was in the NICU for 12 days. Its such a horrible feeling leaving the hospital empty handed. Anyway DM- my question to you is are you concernd you might get preeclampsia again? My doctor told me because I’m not with my daughters father I have a new man that my chances of getting preeclampsia is around 70% It does scare me… but its not stopping me from wanIting more kids. I know my doctor will keep a very close eye on my pregnancy. so just wondering how you feel about it.



    yeah it said i was supposed to around the 21st, but i didn’t test til the 23rd, but didn’t get two lines til this morning.. and now nothing is shpwing so i just wonder if maybe i did yesterday and the LH surge thing or whatever was already going down today?



    dm – lol Im sure your fine…try to get him early in the morning and tomorrow night! 🙂



    yay diane, i was freakin out for a minute there!! lol good luck to u too!! :):):):)



    Thanks Alicia!! Will be sure to BD first thing tomorrow morning but Monday it wont happen until later that night due to work and all!



    one more thing and i’ll shut up!! i was also doing prenatal yoga while preggers

Viewing 15 posts - 5,656 through 5,670 (of 131,346 total)

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