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    That girl I know that I was talking about early today, her babys heart stopped so she had to have a curet. She doesn’t sound to upset about it.


    Is it not ‘uncommon’ to get any sort of positive pregnancy test until the day of your missed period or day after? I’m not due until Friday and took a FRER today and BFN of course. I’m wanting to try and stay positive still, but it’s hard. Any thoughts?



    Loopy- it doesn’t matter where you temp, as long as it the same everyday.



    Cocoloco…what kind of test is that? I’ve seen other ladies post pictures of them on here? I’ve always just used store HPT’s…never knew about those ones. Where do you get them and are they cheaper than the store HPTs?



    Alicia I hope you get BFP!


    Well, stuck in the 2ww for what seems like the millioneth time. Close on to 2 years we’ve been trying now. My sister got pg last month which was exciting as she’s 42 and it’s her first, but just emphasized how much I want another baby. It doesn’t help that we’d love to be pg at the same time. Timing was fairly good this month, so there’s definitely some hope. AF not due til the 12th, so I still have a bit before I can test. I’m going to try to hold out til about the 11th if I can. FX!



    Argh Alicia!! With a fluctuating cycle, hang in there hun! You’re not out until AF shows full force!!



    lucky – congrats! Great news 🙂 1DPO for me (I think), – finally looks like I ovulated according to OPKs and a rise in temperature… just hoping we managed to time everything well this month! 🙂



    I see aselleck – then it may be the stress itself keeping your eggs from showing on time. When we experience stress, the process that gets ovulation happening can shut down. I know the thing we hate to hear most is ‘relax and it will happen’ (I can’t stand that phrase – lol!) But I do believe that especially before ovulation is due to happen we need to be extra nice to ourselves and do things that reduce or counteract stress, like get a massage (even a bad one from hubby! lol) or watch lots of funny movies, or take a bubble bath with nice scented candles) Anything to convince your hormones that you are not stressing, so that the process works properly to allow ovulation!



    luv2teach mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) It would be something if I did get a bfp. DH would go around and say he has Super Swimmers lol



    Yeh I know stupid doctor, he knows if I think im pregnant I have to find out straight away because of me being sick last year. Oh well af or bfp whatever just sick of not knowing.



    Urgh! I’m now 2 days late and a BFN this morning. I used the Walmart $.88 tests. Has anyone used these before? Are they good tests to use?



    Just posted a pic on my profile. Let menknow what you think 🙂 thanks ladies!



    Gdluck rachie x



    LC – i dunno, bf was being silly this morn and said ‘when are you gonna hurry up and give me another baby?'(we were admiring our handiwork at making such a gorgeous dd lol!) and i said i didnt feel like this was the month and he agreed. but we will try again next mth!

Viewing 15 posts - 5,746 through 5,760 (of 131,346 total)

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