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    2 days ago wen i got stringy ewcm i also had a lil bit of clamoing, i think i ovulated that dasy, so today would be 2dpo (i think) LK DREAM if u O after 2days of ur ewcm i wud of ovulated today? but i feel fine and ur right everybody is different, we bd this morning, and on my day of ovulating (if im right and go by my ewcm). x



    My tell-tale lower belly cramp has arrived, AF will be here in hours. Bring on the next cycle. I am just glad about my cycles being on track. BFN can’t get me down! 😉


    Love the comments about ttc being a chore ,… I have to say it does loose some of the fun when you know you HAVE to do it … DH got to the point during O this month to ask ‘Business or Pleasure ‘ I am died laughing 🙂 … good luck ladies looks like a few others will be testing with me next week!



    let me tell you when colleeg tuitions come it aint easy. my sister have 3 kids in college at teh same time…oi…all their savings went puff



    hi girls, congrats on the BFP’s and hugs to those who have had a loss or BFN’s. 14dpo for me today..AF due today or tomorrow and no sign…yet. Will wait til I’m officially late (which is never the case for me) to test after last month I went through so many tests and it was very hard emotionally. Good luck to all those testing today!



    i am from a mexican family and they dont like to say much or get the baby anything until like wellllll into the prergnancy for fear of i guess ‘jinxing’ the pregnancy



    Hey amanda I also have 2 boys my youngest (2) was born sept 4th! I had my mirena removed may 22 this is my 2nd month ttc! The removal was a breeze didn’t hurt one bit! This last cycle was the usual number of days but o’ed kinda late into the cycle this 2nd cycle seems to be balancing out and I hope to catch this egg! GL to u and fx ur stay is short and sweet!



    hey happy! thanks hun 🙂 good to hea from u! sounds promising 🙂 8dpo could be implantation! but i do advise u not to get ur hopes up, no fun! i hope this is it for u!!! u so deserve a BIG (biggest of the big) FAT POSITIVE! i will be praying for u and sprinking baby dust 🙂



    I started my progesterone tonight I figured it’ll help if I am preggo and if i’m not it’ll kick AF in 10 days. I’m on CD 30 and if I really O’d around CD 26-27 then it’s time to get this show on the road, either way. I’m really hoping this is my month, last time I O’d so late I got preggo with DD. I hope everyone here gets a BFP soon, my heart goes out to everyone trying. We all know how emotional this experience gets. Thanks for being here ladies, even when I get dooped with horrible blue line hpt’s and read them wrong.



    c – thank goodness, glad to hear she’s fine 😀



    11dpo today! Sysmptoms are, tired, emotional, sensitive nose. I had achy bb last week but they r fine now!



    ashes….im goin to test either tomorrow or the next day depending on my temps and if AF has shown up…..anyone know what it means when ur cerviz feels long? lol i know that sounds weird but if u have seen mybeautifulcervix pics then u know what its supposed to look like….



    Hi Ladies,
    So I just wanted to share some dates with you, for those with long cycles, or feeling like you may have ‘missed’ the egg..

    I took a digital test today which indicates 1-2 weeks since conception. Which would suggest conception occurred on or after the 15th of July.

    Ovulation was predicted by FF on 14th (CD 22) AND possibly the 22nd (CD30).

    I had what could be considered Ovulation Pains on July 18th and 19th (CD 26 & 27 with W CM) and previously on Sunday July 10 (CD 18) for about 5 hours.

    BD on CD 12, 14, 15,18, 23, 24, 27 and 28.

    It would appear that we did catch the egg on either CD 23-24 (1-2DPO) or CD 31 (9DPO) based on FF chart.

    Therefore, its always important to remember that no matter what a chart or test indicates, your body will still work in its own way and can surprise you – so don’t give up or skip a BD – even if you think you missed the egg! I hope this information helps inspire! Thanks again for all your feedback and support…



    when u’re pregnant does anyone look at a girl or boy more and ened up having the ooposite of which one you look at most?


    I got a pos oPk 2days ago and today I got a neg opk and the cramps are gone does that mean that I ovulated already?

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