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    we are getting SLAMMED with snow right now!! i’m soo scared to drive home!! hey DM!!! how you feeling? FX for you darkangel!!



    Hi ladies how is everyone today? I am not sure where everyone is from but since I opened my eyes this morning we have had snow and it is not stopping! I live in New Jersey btw. If any of u have a chance would you take a look at my chart and see if u make sense of it? I am not sure. It says possible O on tuesday but I swear I o’d on Sunday. It felt like O. Thanks for looking and letting me know what u think!!



    Hi ladies. Hope you’re all well…I am being diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage right now so please keep us in your prayers that everything goes good..



    Midwest – oh double yeay for you then 🙂



    So posted today opk and a comparison of yesterday and today’s. I have been very crampy today and now all of a sudden dirrea sorry tmi.



    About using OPKs as HPTs… I’m 5 weeks, 2 days, and just for fun I took an OPK. It’s negative. Thought I would share! Ria- I DID get a second patch of positive OPKs though and then they went negative and I was pregnant. You can see my chart to see what I mean.



    Hi ladies- how are you all? My husband and I have just decided to start trying for our 5th baby! Omgoodness! Haha. We already have 4 kids aged 6 and under and my youngest is 14 months. But we want 1 or 2 more. 😀 Happy to be joining the journey with you all! 😀



    Heather – I’ve been cramping most everyday as well, but I’m a little further behind than you. 6dpo for me. The cramping was pretty much all the time for the first several days, but starting yest. afternoon through to this morning it seems to come and go. Well, at least it feels like the intensity of it changes.



    I did do another wondfo hpt and it appeared negative.when it dried it had the slightest bit of color….enough to think something might be there?



    need-it will happen, you want to know something else i did. I wrote the word baby on a piece of paper and slept with it under my pillow for about 1 week. My prayers were answered.


    Thanks mizzy, Yeah exactly not hard taking a vitamin in comparison right? I guess I am lucky as it was kinda his idea but has just said you tell me what I have do and I’ll do it! I am going to have a little look later on. I have a horrid sore throat. I tend I get a little run down before AF – I always have and never known why???- anyway when I feel ill I cant sleep and once that is mixed it I am an emotional wreck. GREAT. Plus a year to the day I found I was pregnant with the baby we lost. So really not having a very good day today!
    BUT trying to look a positive side of things, since the end of the cycle had got to be in sight. We are making an action plan for the next cycle…. even if it is another looooong one!



    I’ve been a member for 778 days 😉 I’m addicted for noticing you’ve been a member for 800 days! lol



    Liv- ask your doc to put you on progesterone to regular out your cycles. I had to do that after my first mc about 5 years ago. He put me on a pill called prometrium for 10 days (seems like I took 2 per day, can’t remember) and my cycle would start after that. Can’t remember if I took it at beginning of cycle or two weeks into it, but whatever it was corrected my cycles and I was preggo two months later. Wish my doc would’ve done that magic pill for me when I was trying for my first baby and it took a year due to my crazy cycles! Mention it to your doc… Good luck!



    Thank you everyone…I don’t think we’re going to be trying again any time soon. This has been really hard on me, and I don’t knowif I can do it again. I have a myspace and facebook if anyone wants to stay in touch. [email protected]



    Question though: My CM is HELLA dry/ (TMI warning) I can roll it in a ball between my fingers!! WTH!!! is that normal after O or before a BFP, or not so much?? prob more like AF symptoms??

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