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    Hi ladies do any of you have info on IUI if you do could you please post on my page as I am considering having this procedure done this month and wanted to know about the process if anyone has gone through it or knows about it. Thanks!



    Congrats on the BFP ladies!! So exciting!



    it has gone quiet in here


    Hey turtlefur :). I always check up on ur profile to see how your doing and how ur bumps growing, hope your pregnancy is going smoothly 🙂 x



    what peas?? crazyness hey…how you travelling two2?



    I think if nothing tomorrow morning I’ll test. Oh, and anyone else have what I lovingly refered to as ‘crotch lightening’ when I was pregnant. It started about 2-3 hours ago, and is driving me crazy. This sharp pain/twinge in my vag… I don’t like it. Anyone know what it may be?



    goodnight cocoluv



    sweetpea — It took two months for me to have a ‘regular’ cycle after my D&C and just one more month to conceive (Zach is now two and a half).

    I am so impatient right now — I am just 7 DPO right now, but I really would like it to be positive this month. Have promised not to try next month since due date of success would be the same day I am supposed to be the matron of honor at a wedding. So, please happen this month or I will have to wait!


    do you think it’s too soon to have symptoms at 6 dpo? my face broke out all of a sudden, no warning. I have had to pee more often for 3 days now. I am probably just nervous considering we did our thing on saturday and he was a little late with the pull and pray…so there IS a possibility I could be pregnant, but then again maybe I just have bad skin, LOL



    Nevermind! I’m out I just got my period. I never had a short lutheal phase before I had my son. It totally sucks! I’m going to make a apt with my doctor on Monday by the time I see him it’ll be way over a year of TTC’ing.



    congrats janet!!! 🙂


    Congrat LOVEHER…happy and healthy nine months!!!


    i am on cd 17. Hopefully this evening i will ovulate!



    Hi ladies..Happy to be joining the TTC forum 🙂 I was on IAP with my son 3 years ago and recently was in the early weeks of the prego forums but had a missed miscarriage at 6 weeks. Had a D&C the day after my 8 weeks appointment when I got the bad news. It was my second miscarriage..the first was with my first pregnancy, a blighted ovum. Now I am very very nervous about getting pregnant again because it’s happened more than once. I am heartbroken but will be ready to try again as soon as the Doc okays it. Wondering how long I have to wait before I can try to get pregnant..I really don’t wanna wait 3+ cycles!! Seems like such a terribly long time. We weren’t trying to get pregnant this last time, it just happened so I didn’t go through the whole planning thing.. I’ve never used an OPK and am looking forward to starting this up. Gonna go buy some pre seed as soon as we can start trying again. I hope you all are well and get your BFP’s soon. Stickyyyness and baby dust to you all!~*~*~*~*~



    Yeah eeyore, the toughest thing about BBT is that little things like getting up to pee can throw off your readings big time. You can learn to interpret your fluctuations due to broken sleep if you track temp for a few cycles, but that can get very frustrating.

Viewing 15 posts - 58,441 through 58,455 (of 131,346 total)

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