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    Lol I have a head cold too, just come on this morning I couldn’t even go to work was so tired so phoned in lol I never norm Have a problem I just blame mine on af is on her way well I think as cervix is very low now and such sore nipples :S being a woman is such a hard job lol xx



    hey girles, have i missed any BFPs the past 2 weeks?? I have been hella busy and haven’t had time to check up. Im currently in the 2 week wait for HPT. Good luck girls!!



    Hey ladies cd 18 here, just waiting to ovulate. hoping this cycle is not 42 days like it was in April ;/ that would just suck. Fx to the ladies testing soon. hoping you get your bfp’s



    Coco, Lmao like if he does a shit and I gotta move and clean it haha I don’t know iv never changed a boys nappy, I have a younger brother but I was 8 when he was born and never had to do anything lol . But its just like I was to scared to bath tahlia when she was born, I was scared shed slip or something because I had never bathed a baby before. We learn something new everyday 🙂 haha



    sparky- does AF usually arrive on time for you or is it sometimes a bit irregular? I would have thought if it was implantation bleeding & it started 6 days ago you would have got a positive by now but who knows, the hcg can take longer to increase in some women so it’s still possible I guess if that AF was unusual for you. Sorry, realise that’s not much help at all, just wanted to reply, as I had the same thing a few months ago & it drove me mad wondering whether it was AF or IB!



    Aw good luck to you too! That would be so great if you got pregnant your first month trying!!! Trying month after month can be so mentally draining. Keeping fingers crossed for you and stock up on your HPTs! No matter how many I buy it never seems to be enough. lol



    Wow sarah thats definitely a big fat positive! I took a dollar test not too long ago and it had a faint line again, but its hard to see. I want it to get darker if I really am pg!



    I know I want 3 but I keep secretly thinking that hmmm if 4 were to ‘whoops’ happen I would be fine :0) haha



    Happy for you LKDream, glad you found a good doc! I wanna know about this ‘recipe ‘ lol!



    im hoping i will…im testing in 2 days!!!


    AF is here in full force a whole day earlier than I had expected. I’m all of a sudden feeling very emotional. I’m seriously sitting at my desk at work doing everything I can not to cry. I’m not sure if it’s me just being incredibly hormonal or the disappointment. I think I need to remind myself again that we’re supposed to be just letting things happen. We’re actually TTC about 6 months earlier than we’d planned, so I really shouldn’t be feeling this way. I think I need to stop Googling things and checking this forum every couple of hours and using OPK’s and plain old getting my hopes up. I’m convinced that’s what helped conceive our daughter, but it’s just so hard to do!



    Oops! Sorry I spelled your name wrong Nicole – my friend spells her name Nichole 🙂



    Onlything – Congrats!!!! So happy for you! Hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and I hope we join you soon 🙂 Trulyblessed – Good luck, let us know how you make out! Today is CD 16 for me and still no ewcm….ugh I’m starting to panic that I might not ovulate this month :oS



    CONGRATS military mommy, hope you have a healthy 9 months!



    thanks for your posts ladies about changes to breast size. I’m currently CD19, anyone else around the same?

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