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    Hi ladies, could someone tell me how to upload pics to a blog on here? It says to enter the URL or something like that…Does that mean I have to upload them to a website first and I can’t upload them directly from my computer? Also, does anyone know of a free photo program that will allow me to invert or make a negative of digital pics? Like on, you can invert the pics but I can’t seem to figure out how on my own.



    chicken mouse! you heard Ryans mommy go and get to BDing NOW!!!



    Hi girls, have a quick question for any of you using OPKs and are also charting their BBT…Is it usual to get a positive OPK and still not have a temperature shift two days later? I’m asking because I got my first positive OPK on May 19, then another positive one yesterday, so I was expecting my temp. to go up either yesterday or today, but it hasn’t. Does this most likely mean I haven’t ovulated yet? When I checked my cervix last night it was high, soft, and open, and I had EWCM. I don’t have any OPKs left to see if I’m still getting a positive, but BF and I have BD’d the past 5 days, and since I had EWCM last night, I guess we will keep on BDing for at least the next few days, just to be sure we caught that sneaky little egg!



    @BNL ah ha!! so i see!! wow!


    wow lastnight i was watching ‘roseanne’ and that episode darlene is pregnant….had a dream that i found out i was pregnant….woke up this morning and a baby story was on….hmmm this is really weird!!! My lmp was april 14th so it is cycle day 22 for me still have some to be able to poas i guess…..what do u ladies think and oh yes we used preseed =)


    The 6th would be day 1. Spotting does NOT count as AF.



    Hi everyone. Anyone ever experienced not having a period but a light pink showing of blood after sex and been prego? I’m on day 37 and its been happening everytime I go pee after sex its there and then nothing the next time I pee.



    lglenn38- are you breast feeding?
    RubyLove – since you retested later in the day your pee might be ‘watered down’ and the HPT can’t pick up a high enough hCG level.



    1. Do you have a child already? Yes, 21 months old, 2. How long did it take you to conceive your first child? We weren’t trying, she was unplanned. 3. How long have you been trying to conceive your second child? Jan 2010. 4. Age: 25. 5. Is AF regular? I had Mirena removed in November ’09, haven’t been regular since.



    402nikkib- If you’re experiencing irregular cycles the best thing to do is purchase OPKs,. Ovulation calculators are a generalized thing, some women ovulate before ore after the listed date.


    Loopy- Im 9 dpo too do you have any symptoms?



    Yeah that’s what I was thinking too haha. :0) These are so cute! haha


    Proud Mommy if I were you I would bd until your cm changed consistency, unless it went on for a really excessive amount of time! Good luck baby dust! :O)


    Trying… im gonna try some of your recipes as soon as my DH gets home… they all look yummy… may make the coffee cake tomorrow though… im a sucker for great coffee cake… mmmmm



    Thanks ladies , I took temp this morning and its down to 97.8 so I guess I am out I know temps dip a couple of days before AF arrives , I am 13 dpo today so its bang to arrive on sunday ! Congrats to all the BFP’s hoping the rest of us get ours soon.

Viewing 15 posts - 5,866 through 5,880 (of 131,346 total)

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