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    ckar- thank you so much for the insight. I haven’t had laparoscopic surgery yet- I go on the 12th to discuss options, but at this point, I’m content with one child, but would love to have another one soon. I’m in nursing school, so that takes up a lot of time- but I’ve got 3 semesters left. I have been in constant pain in my left side of my pelvis- near bikini area. Esp. after intercourse…forget about it- dh is afraid to come near me- last session put me in the ER bc of the pain…(Sunday), and AF showed up today- but when I saw OB on Fri- he listed off a number of things that could be wrong- everything from constipation to pulled a muscle in my pelvic area from working out to my Mirena causing the cysts, etc. So I think in this case- so far, the best scenario is to get my Mirena taken out, and start back up on reg. BC pills- just hesitant b/c BC pills make me so nauseated…ugh. Times like these I wish I was preg. so I could avoid going through all of this…lol. Good luck to everyone.



    Saza, your CM sounds right on target for 10 DPO. Watery is a good sign that EWCM will follow. Some women just have creamy CM, and never get a good EWCM. Watery is like a transitional CM, and is pretty sperm friendly 🙂 Not saying you are about to ovulate, but on track for sure!



    jenn – Digestive issues are definitely the most common side effect with Metformin. My doc warned me to expect it, but then I was surprised that I didn’t really have many issues. Your body will adjust and the symptoms will decrease over time.



    Wow, the ‘porn hacker’ has really got a nasty site linked this time! There must be some way to protect the site from this type of hacking?



    Hi ladies I just wanted to pop in and see how everyone is going.. So many new people 🙂 well although I’m not using opks ( main reason they haven’t arrived yet lol) I think I may be ovulating very soon if not today.. I’ve had all the signs and got the pains I normally get… But without doing a opk I’m not sure and it’s a bit early it’s cd16 since my M/C a normal cycle I o on CD20 but I know everything can be different after a M/C but I was expecting ovulation to be later rather than earlier??? Anyone o’d earlier?



    i was just checking out this other site south told me about



    You know you are seriously TTCing …1) When someone asks you the date and you say it’s ‘5dpo’. 2)When you get up in the middle of the night with a bad dream and promptly put the thermometer in your mouth. 3)When in the lingerie section of a shopping mall you look at something and say ‘i think this should do the trick this time i O’ 4)When you keep digging the hpt’s & opk’s from the trash hour after hour just to check incase there is a second line even though you supposed to read it within a time limit. 5)When you miss your favorite tv shows or your girls night out, sit in front of your DH/SO with a silly grin thats trying to tell him ‘gimme your sperm’. 6)When instead of cuddling up in bed after dtd you have your legs sticking up in the air so the spermies can get in fast. 7) When you live in total fear of AF and are scared of goin to pee or poo . 8)When the month is divided into 3 phases:- Pre-O, Oing & post O instead of days and weeks. 9)When you daydream constantly of your babyshower, whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, and the attention you will get once Your pg. 10)When going to pee means a)Pull down pants b)Pee on a stick c)Hold pee d)Wait for the result e) See the results f)Empty bladder now g)Pull up pants 11)When I-am-pregnant,Fertilityfriend,countdowntopregnancy are added to your list of fave websites. Please keep adding to the list. Lets have fun TTC’ing **Baby Dust to Everyone TTC**



    Hey Ladies, I need some help. I promised myself I wouldn’t keep thinking about this but I just can’t help it!! Ok… here’s the thing. I thought I was a regular 27-28 day cycle kinda gal, turns out this isn’t the case. I am on CD 41 (I know! sucks) and still no AF. I thought I had O’d late anyway this month so expected AF about CD35 but nothin, infact on CD 33 I checked for impending AF (normally get spotting about 5 days before but nothing) and I had some EWCM so I was like uh oh, maybe I O’d very very late! Anyway I tested on CD37 and got a BFN (I realise that this was very early to test if I had in fact just O’d but I had no real idea when O occurred!). So now I really just don’t know what to think. Does anyone think I have O’d late and should test now or should I think that may be I haven’t O’d at all this month??! I have had cramping ALL month and thought I was going to get AF around CD35 as I felt so bloated and AF symptoms but nothing. Over the past two days I have been SO tired to the point where my eyes sting and have had severly painful wind. TMI. Sorry to ramble on….



    Thank you all for ur reasurance the cyst is still seping fluid sound really gross my ob told me that it should stop. He also assured me the it shouldn’t be too diifficult to get preggnant but he keeps pushing birth control on me its a new one called lowestroeve for. Women like me with high estrogen. I guess I will just try but not try october is my lucky month both my babies where concieved in the month so fingers crossed! Hope y’all are all fine and wishing y’all a BFP!



    thanks diane i had a bit of a look but and its seems like a similar thing. money is a little tight at the mo due to bf having a week off work for his back and foot op. so i thought this might be an alternitive



    Sweet- I had a dnc march 2010, fell preg with emma june 2011. My cycle was back to normal that month so 3 months. I used a dollar store test this morn, so I got a first response for tomorrow morning. Kind of scared to take it bc I don’t want it to be neg, even though I got a faint pos this morn. But I remember being batty like this when I found out I was preg with emma.


    nich- Its possible. Maybe you O’d early?



    Onlyonemmore – Congrats to you!! bcalove – Ughh sorry about AF she is a witch! Wyatts – i hope you get some answers at your appointment. For me, I have not tested since 2 days ago(10dpo). Feeling no symptoms. I am guessing I am 12dpo today…I might test in the morning but not sure!



    janet go look at luckys pic….does it look like that??? if so, ur prego!


    alicia- im also CD13 and have taken 6 opks the last 6 days and all are negative!!! seriously getting frustrated! but today after i tested im getting period like cramps and feeling pangs of pain on the left…so maybe it occurs within 24 hours of ovulating?? according to the calendar i should have ovulated no later than this friday! god girl i hope we get our BFP soon!!!!

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