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    Ladygodwin – glad everything came back okay for you. I hope you get your BFP soon!



    Fertility Friend has a chart gallery you can look at as well – good if you want to compare charts… beware though – can lead to obsessing! LOL (I caught myself doing it last month!)



    morgandoner- UTD means Up The Duff – pregnant:) It is an Aussie term I think because I haven’t seen anyone use it here in this forum, so my bad. When is your blood test? Hope AF stays away from you and you get that BFP!
    Goodluck Colletter !



    oh hope hubby and baby have nothing serious!! make the most of the piece and quiet while they are sleeping. Its so quiet in here i dont know whats goign on tonight



    peaches- why would they still think i could be preggers if it was negative? im 6 days late…we’ve been having intercourse every other day or so, do they think maybe i got pregnant recently? and it just isnt showing up?



    yah..the test line has been way darker than the control line for the whole week



    so implantation bleeding cant have clots in it i guess (although many people in other forums i came across online said theirs did) but I think this is AF… its heavy and has the clotting sorry TMI…. but what is with the blue vains ALL OVER my chest/bbs?! I never have this. ugh. and i know this is a symptom… i’m so confused… AF has me all messed up. I was having all the other symptoms, and she reared her ugly face, and now I’m thrown off :/



    their calling our flight now.. bye bye talk to u all 2morrow



    minasuecr–some women bleed during pregnancy and it’s not a big deal, but I would get it checked with my dr. to be on the safe side. Very encouraging that it’s still positive, but better safe than sorry! 🙂


    This was our first month of ACTIVELY TTC. We’ve been just hoping it would happen for a year now. But we used OPK’s and preconceive this month. I hope it sticks!!



    so excited!! going for U’S tomorrow..preg symptoms getting stronger, BB been hurting heaps the last 2 days and im producing more colostrum again. if im not preg my body certainly thinks i am..been BD every night incase im not tho..this is only my 2nd cycle off BC so not sure what my cycles are doing and i dont want to buy any OPK cos i know i will obsess LOL *sigh* fingers crossed ladies that they find a little baby floating around in there tomorrow!!! xo hope you’re all keeping dust to all



    Sarah that will be so much fun! I think I would enjoy doing that but here in the desert the plant choices are really boring.


    only..ya your Af must have been early cuz I thought we were within days of eachother? ..weird



    I think I will use the tomato juice for sure… I’ve made myself hungry for roast now LOL



    youngmum…I have never used an OPK, so I don’t know a lot about them and can’t even begin to advise…but…I will say, sometimes strange things happen with our bodies that we just can’t explain…and ya never know…maybe this month IS your month…BD’ing for 5 days in a row? Ya just never know…I’m gunna send lots of positive thoughts and VERY sticky baby dust your way!

Viewing 15 posts - 5,896 through 5,910 (of 131,346 total)

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