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    Inkdoll: I pray for you. I hope the doctors can help and things turn out okay.



    baha ha ha. kayce you crack me up. definitely have to pee now. it looks so positive!!! those tests are weird, ive never used them. it throws me off that the lines are blue and not pink! but it looks positive to me girl!


    Ladies on clomid…be aware that you CAN and WILL get multiples. Hope you ladies TTC are doing well.. Miss many of you! <3 Baby dust!



    Just for fun, I thought I’d share this… not sure how well it works,I’m sure it’s not 100% even IF it does work at all… While I was pregnant with my son, my husband, who really wants a daughter, was joking with the dr and ultrasound tech telling them to make sure number 2 is a girl so we’ll have one of each. They were saying they don’t really think there is a way to chose the gender BUT that the male sperm swim faster but die sooner and females live longer so having sex a couple days before you ovulate and not again until after will give you a slightly higher chance for a girl and having sex while ovulating should give you a better chance for a bot. I didn’t chart my ovulation but I could feel when I did. Next baby we try for we’ll probably just relax and bd all the time but if it’s a boy again then the third time I may try this to try for a girl bc I want at least one of each! idk…that’s just a fun tidbit



    The mc officially started while getting ready for church this morning. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Bright dark red flow. Gonna stop my pills and save them. Gonna try not to get pg this month (but that was the plan last month and we failed) and go for Iit in May. Gonna do the pills 3dpo-14 dpo this month to help boost it, then again at 3dpo the next month and hopefully not stop with a healthy BFP. I have enough pills to do that. And doc will be hearing from me! Gonna go do my rhogam shot after school tomorrow. I have 72 hours to get it done, so I don’t see the need to go to ER and get a huge bill.



    soooo ladies…i took a opk yesterday and the line was very faint so negative. Today again negative but the line was darker than yesterday. So i was wondering if the ovulation hormone gradualy increases or the dye was just darker? I should get a positive ovulation test tomorrow or after tomorrow for sure. Been testing for like 3-4 days now. Anyone know?



    Ok Katie…we all have to be each others strength in this!!! And not let each other test before the 5th!!!!…Uugghh!!!.this is gonna be harder than my yoga class this afternoon…and it was hard!!! Lol



    mommyof3someday – Welcome!! Hopefully AF stays away!



    Nicole – You will see an increase in your temp the morning AFTER you O. It will stay pretty high until, A: u get an implantation dip (usually 6-12 dpo) but it will go right back up within a day or 2. or B: it will drop the day before AF comes. As far as how high it will get, for every woman its different. For me my average temp before I O’d was 36.20-36.30. but then after I O’d, it went as high as 37.03 (usually it was in the really high 36’s like 36.90, 36.98, 36.80..etc)


    CD2—super heavy period, w/big blood clots (tmi) and terrible cramps. I like never get cramps, especially bad ones. (AF came 1 day early). Idk, maybe my body is cleaning itself out or something. Really thought it’d be my month, on to ttc month #3



    Arhhhhhhhh all this waiting is driving me crazy! I hate the waiting stage I wish I just knew either way 🙁 really really hope I get a BFP I’m going to force myself to wait another 6 days if AF hasn’t appeared on Monday because with my last three pregnancies it took 6 days after AF was due to get my positive. Sending lots of baby dust to you all x



    AF is here.. /sadface… but on a positive note… I had a 29 day cycle.. or is it 28.. if I started the 3rd of last month.. and Im starting on the 4th this month…? ( feb has 28 days) anyway…. I usually have 35+ day cycles … this is 2 months in a row with a normal cycle.. and YEY!
    This is also going to be 11 months now of TTC. so here is to hoping I donthave to do it a year!


    Sher- I have been having exactly what you’re talking about! Dtd on Weds, noticed light brown/pink CM yesterday and it’s still there today! Also have noticed clear with red streaks a couple of times. Have you had any cramps? I’ve been having really mild ones, but probably because AF is due on 6/1.



    OMG! Not sure how many hockey fans are in the forum, but Canada and the US are tied 5 – 5 in the World Jr. hockey game, about to go to over time… eeeep!



    holz8519- idk, with my temp spike yesterday and then my temp staying the same today it looks as though I did ovulate on cd19. My temp on Sunday was 97.08, then Monday it was 98.01, and today 98.00.

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