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    I’m spotting…I’m starting to think that this is going to be loss number 2 in 2 months…:( I may be back here in the next few days ladies. Wish me luck and I hope it is nothing to be worried about. I think that after last months loss, I am just extra nervous now…:/



    Hmm, good question beckybear – not sure, but I’ll see what I can dig up! Off hand I’d say it’s fine as long as you are not jumping into the poof for a few hours after BD. If anything, exercise is good while TTC – releases good endorphins that release stress and aid your fertility hormones!



    Ah Crazyfor sorry ya got a bfn. I am into replacing the bf in bfn with 2 rather rude words instead of big fat negative. Thats just too polite for how we feel when we see the neg result. AF comin for me too, she will be here by bedtime the wicked witch.



    yes semper fi youre right <3


    ttc5..I read clomid can effect opk’s. I too had a def pos and then a couple that were very close to a pos ..



    ok i have a question…I’m on my 2ww and today i have seem to have come down with a fever, should i be concerned if it turns out that i am preggo????



    loopy – clearblue easy +/- has a sensitivity of 25 miu.



    apparently she only has 1 child- now i can see why. I havent told them im ttc and now i dont plan on it


    And4eva- test already lol you may get ur bfp!


    Okay ladies, i didnt test yesterday becasue….well because on my way to the store to get a test my husband’s 2004 BMW decided to lose all power. So, there I was, stuck on the side of the highway with a 21 month old for an hour waiting for the police, the tow and my mother in law to come get me. By that point I was SO angry I didnt want to test. I’m sorry! I will probably test Tuesday if AF doesnt show up! It was a HORRIBLE day yesterday. Good thing is, the warranty covered EVERYTHING. 1900.00 would have been enough for my foot to go up his pretty little butt! 😀



    OK, I have decided to use OPK’s this month. How many times a day do you ladies test and at what times? TIA

    There you go Laura everything you need to know about Pre-seed even all the success stories : )



    Trying we’ll be testing around the same time, I’ve got a test that you can use 4 days before AF due which will be on 20/4.



    Oh I miss the belly 🙁



    CD2 for me

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