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    LC bfn haha



    Congrats Agape!!! I had a feeling you were pregnant after reading your posts. Very happy for you. Hopefully we all get our BFP very soon. My dh told me to do whatever I need to do last night because he wants a boy with blue eyes lol I said that is your job not mine. .. So he had me looking up how to have a boy… I really don’t care what we have.. I have a 4 year old daughter and he has a 8 year old son.. so whatever we have will make me very happy. I’m CD17 so i’m not sure when to take a test.. probably next week sometime. I’m so nervous and excited 🙂 baby dust to all of us


    yvonneshope – go to your profile and click on the person you want to send a message to and then go down to the botton right hand part of the screen and there is a box to leave messages in you can select for evryone to beable to read it or you can make it private. I hope this makes sense!!



    Hopingforanother – Welcome, I hope your stay in TTC is short! Keegan & Maddys mom – me too!!! Anywhere from 31-39 days..I hate it too!! I wouldn’t mind the long cycles if they were consistent I just never know when I will O since they are all over the place!! Elize – Wow I would so be testing already if I was you lol hopefully AF is a no show for you! Well for me its CD15…OPK’s still very neg …just waiting to O.



    good idea diane! thats what they told me to do but tylenol just doesnt do anything for me :/ i will just have to deal with it!! anything for a baby lol



    jenica- welcome….hopefully you don’t have a hard time… I had an iud and am on cycle 3 now of ttc…my ob told me it was ok to start ttc 2 days after removal( but then you start bleeding, and if your dh is anything like mine- won’t come near me when I’m Best of luck to you and hope your stay is short.



    hope ur right lol im probably just freakin myself out more then i need to but still, i hate long cycles for no reason, its so annoying!! i used to be sooo regular but not anymore and now theres all kinds of stuff wrong with me *sigh* i just want to be pregnant, like 6 months ago haha



    holz that ‘s such a cute idea!!



    welcome nolita – there are lots of us TTCers in here trying all sorts of things to help the process! I have a link on my profile page to ‘Information for anyone TTC’ – perhaps something in there might be helpful for you. Hang in there – six months feels like a long time when we want to be pregnant last month 😉 but often, its just a matter of timing, and the sperm just not finding the egg!



    Ok, so my bfn is def. AF just made an appearance…boo….so I guess here we go….team Xmas….lol.


    wantsagirl!! congratulations… happy and healthy 9 months!!!roll on more BFPS!!!



    FX liamandparker!!! We need a few BFPs in here!!!baby dust to us all!!!! Xx


    hmm….probably people eating dinner or getting things settled in for the evening



    no thye rarely do internals here. they just about do sweeps when you are term. but she flet my tummy and said it felt fine. she was afraid in case there was any nunusal swelling or a phantom preg but i doubt you’d get a + test with that? she thinks that i did in fact fall preg before this supposed period and that i am about 5-6 weeks



    Aselleck, that sounds awful – so sorry. Tylenol just doesn’t help with my headaches so i’m glad I didn’t get them while preggo.

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