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    im a little excited now……………… i have done 3 OPK today and i think the 3rd one done about 10 mins ago is POSITIVE!!!! BDing tonight and tomorrow i will catch my little egg!!!! wish me luck x






    I’m sorry for your loss babygal. My fingers are crossed for a sticky bean next time!



    How exciting, you are getting your tree!!! are you going to a garden center, or one of those guys that sell them in laybys? I bought one once for my mum and dads pub for one of those dodgy guys, and it was lovely, lasted for ages! We are waiting until next weekend 🙁 this year, we are having two!! the fake one in the living room (hoping the dog will not destroy it) and the real one out in the conservatory, where the presents will be kept, so we can close the doors at night and stop the dog eating it (or peeing on it!) x



    thanks everyone! I hope it sticks for me as well for all of you!



    Big snowstorm in my area, and I was supposed to go for groceries today. My fridge is empty 🙁 To all the serial testers, we need a support group or something! I had AF on Nov 23 anyone else on this date?my cycle can be from 33 to 40 days so I think I’ll be testing on New Years..if I go that long!



    hey everyone Congrats to all the BFP’s.. i just did an Ovulation test and i’m pretty sure it is positive but could you have a look and tell me what you think??? last time i wasn’t sure and i don’t know when i ovulated last time so i would really appreciate it if you could all let me know what you think =D



    Bye boyoboy. And excited er is that was she called her kid? I like harlow but.



    elleanasmama – anything is posible? I’d wait til Your Af is due to worry????


    Does anyone know what you BBT would be like if you were pregnant. Does is get high or stay normal what?


    I am going crazy!!! its been 2 days and still no AF!!! but I hve been testing NEG what is going on AF is never late? I have to admitt I didnt test this morning though I am getting too dissapointed in the NOT PREGNANT results :((((((



    Thanks! I really shouldn’t get so worried about it. I mean we’re young and have plenty of time but still…we want it now! lol.



    Hello ladies, hope everyone had a good Easter break and there were alot of busy bunnies lol!
    Well, hope everyone ia well and hoping to see alot of BFPs in the next couple of weeks!! Baby dust to all!!


    kristin…I believe that if it is the same color as the control line, it is the start of ovulation and that you should get one darker tomorrow. But that is just second hand knowledge. I’ve never used them before.



    wowi just got the worst dizzy spell and feeling of wanting to throw up.. think it’s bed time for me.. night ladies

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