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    Lynn…just google liberator and you’ll find it.



    McNair08: Hey, I agree it would be fun to be pregnant together! My period is not due until the 13th so I have awhile to wait yet! I am very anxious to find out though! Trying not to get my hopes up but its hard! I am going to try my hardest to wait to test if my period does not come 🙂



    well ladies i lost hope. i am 7dpo and the only thing i am havin is dull ongoin pain in my abdomen mainly in the left where im sure i O on. lil sharp pains causin me to scratch cuz it than itches near my navel area. than my temp dropped to 97.48 @ 4:45 am my bbs do feel like they gettin lil quick pains. but i may just be trippin. 1 thang i have notice is my nips don hurt and the usually do when AF is coming. i do have alot of burpin gas and i slept excellent last nite. so i am slowly losin hope. just waitin for AF to show now. cant wait to buy my OPK, PREG TEST, PRE-SEED, CLOMID, METFORMIN AND FM STICKS. BABYDUST.



    Well my doctor called me back this mornng and decided to put me on clomid to see if that helps, since I’m not ovulating. I took clomid to get pregnant with my 2nd child too and it did work after a couple cycles. So here’s to hoping and praying!! Baby dust to everyone!!



    Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies. You have no idea how much I appreciate all of you.



    janinem – dont give up yet! it might still happen! Good luck and baby dust to you!!!



    I would think it’s perfectly normal baby1due 🙂 On a day when Abigail is the perfect angel I think.. wow wouldn’t it be cool to have a sibling.. then on the day she’s a little devil.. I think.. hmmm what WAS I thinking???? LOL



    gosh fertilityfriend is sure addictive…it says we BD right on before ov and day of ov. it gave our ‘intercourse score’ HIGH!..Now charting my lutel phase and temps going up up up and now down..i was worried but thats actually a prepregnancy sign to have a implantation dip at around day 7..other symptoms i charted is giving me a high score too…dang! i recommend the site but i guess not to those that are allready think it could make us worse:) good luck to everyone



    cleo – I told my husband that it was his decision whether or not to circumcise our son. Because I figured he’s a man and he has first hand experience so who better to make that call? He decided the we should circumcise our son.


    I’m not testing this month until after AF is late. Last month I tested at 9DPO then 12DPO. Got my AF 5 mins later 🙁 I really was gutted. Only took a couple of months with DD so as soon as I saw that BFN, my mind was reeling with what could be wrong, lol! I’m going to try snd hold off testing this month, I should be ovulating any day now, CD11 of a 25 day cycle. We’ll see I guess.



    Aww Kristin.. Although those things sound good to eat I can’t imagine having to ONLY eat those! Hope DH is feeling better soon.



    Lissie- congrats and tons of baby dust to you



    What for monitor? I’d set the time by where you live.



    Only CD 2…… this is going to be a long month!! Really hoping for my halloween baby. This has to be our month girls!



    Ok so AF is due either Wed-Thurs and I am still getting BFN, so kinda expecting her to arrive… But still having crazy symptoms so there is still some hope 🙂

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