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    hey LILL 🙂 miss you!!! hope we all join u soon too !!!! xxxxxx



    If I don’t get pg this month I think I am going to get a O kit. I have never ever used one before, but I am getting impatient.



    hi Ladies, i just test this morning and realize something at the same time



    refinnejlee ~ I sure hope that the spotting is nothing. Sticky baby dust your way!!!! Fingers and toes crossed for you. Good luck!



    To be honest, Im not exactly positive how long my cycle is. Counting the days drives me crazy. I counted for the first 3 months and it seamed like it made the month drag, as I told my self constantly ‘only 10 more LONG days til I can take a HPT’. Plus I think I was driving the hubby insane too. i guess I could take a test tom morning. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully I get good news and dont end up disappointed again this month. Wish me luck. Ill keep you posted.



    Yep Crazy,,,BFN for me too this morning….told myself I would wait until Saturday to test and I tested anyway….CD25 for me. Only symptom I have is frequent urination but that’s it so idk.



    racheldavey – Is this your first IUI? Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve been there, done that. That’s how my son was conceived. 🙂


    clara..have they been this long for awhile? Mine were long and I finally got sick of it and now I’m taking meds for it.



    Hey ladies been a while what did I miss any bfp hopefully any way. Was extremely busy with uni before I don’t know what to do with myself now and want to go back even though I complained how busy I was funny that. Any way got some ok news and some good news. The ok news is there might be a chance of having another baby when my husband gets back but the good news is because there is a chance I can start preparing my body and self for it. So keep your fingers crossed for us that dates stay the same.



    Loopy I’m from uk too 🙂 clear blue digi is the best I tested positive at3 wk 2 days with my last pregnancy



    well ladies i have to get food started for dinner and then put kids to bed clean the house and all those other fun things a ‘wife’ has to do, so i will talk to you ladies tomorrow if you repsond to my posts please also leave a note on my page, sweet dreams and have a great night ladies good luck to us all!!!!



    and4eva…..TEST, TEST,TEST. 🙂 FX for you xx



    Im on CD 28….. AF should be here no later tues… I wonder if I should test or wait till next weekend… until im physically late!….. Huh!… Anxious!!!



    Hi ladies I had just changed my profile from ‘oldfirstimer’ to this one coz I stuffed up my other profile. I have been trying for baby #2 since end December 2010 and hoping to be at least pg before I turn 40 in September!! Have had 3 pg’s in the past, all 3 times fell pg within 6 months, have had 2 m/c and have a 26 month old beautiful girl. Hope to join you all in this journey!! Today I am I think on CD11 but I don’t chart or anything like that so just try and BD as often as possible and see what happens. Good luck to everyone.



    Good afternoon chickies!! I planned on just dropping in for a sec and saying hello to everyone buuut the next thing i knew 15 min had gone by and i was still not caught up on all the newer posts lol So how is everyone today?

Viewing 15 posts - 59,896 through 59,910 (of 131,346 total)

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