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    Been thinking about you Kitty!! Praying it’s good news Hun



    jen8627021-I conceived my daughter on the first month we tried. Now that I am ttc again this is my second month so far…fingers crossed it worked this month.


    Katmomma I feel your pain sweet 20 months for me now and I’m feeling defeated after recent events. My daughter us nearly 4 and wants a play mate. I want it right now but it’s just not happening :'( x



    and i know tiffyy, i have one child already, i dont mind being pregnant and waiting for baby, i just want confirmation from the doc that im positive 🙂



    I got great results with Walgreens brand opk…you get 20 strips in a box. Not too pricey IMO…i mean, if ya cant’ afford those, can you really afford another mouth to feed or another butt to diaper? LOL! I never needed to use more than 5 per cycle and noticed that they lost their effectiveness after about 3 months of opening the sealed container. (control line became faded). GL and lotsa sticky babydust to all ttc!!!



    *~*~*~*~*~*~*~ HUGE CONGRATS*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ well done that is really great news!!!!!



    Duffy- try Vitex, it is good for regulating longer cycles and is recommended for people with PCOS. It balances hormones. Royal Jelly could also help too with egg quality. You could try both. I buy them from Chemist Warehouse as they are really cheap there. The Vitex is around $14 for 60 tablets(they say take 1 a day, but with bad PCOS I double it). Also the Royal Jelly is around $29-$39(depends if on special) for a huge bottle that will last over a year.



    Hi ladies…Plz check out the OPK test photo that i have just uploaded and tell me what you think. It is the closest that I have come to a +ve OPK and I am not completely sure. Any input/thoughts are greatly welcomed



    jenn – I also should let you know that metformin alone got me my bfp with my daughter. 🙂 If you have excess visceral fat, a weight loss and metformin regimen could definitely be the answer. I lost 30 lbs in 3 months and added the metformin 2 months in and BOOM! After ne18 months of trying I gotfound out I was pregnant with my lil girly girl.



    still no sign of af, tho i getting cramps every now and then x



    I have been a member of this site for 1300+ days amd I have finally got my BFP. I’m over the moon excited. Ladies that are TTC dont give up cause it can happen


    Eve – Your as bad as me!! I also tested today 8dpo on a cheapy ebay test. If i bend the stick so it is curved i think i see a line, but defo has no pink in either. Hubby thinks i am seeing things 🙁 I’ve tried it in all different lights but i swear i can see something – evap? I have two frer’s but i know its way too early to use them and dont want to waste them! Would be great to know how early someone has had a pos on a frer? This waiting sucks big time!!! good luck gals x



    Good luck to all the ladies getting ready to test…K love D- too funny…I love where it says you sit in front of DH and give him a silly grin trying to tell him give me your sperm. Lol that is so me. DP always knows the look and that if he doesn’t obey there will be some major trouble up in here lol.



    Samantha, if pregnant it does tend to remain high, soft and closed, but don’t depend on it as a sure sign of pregnancy if you are in the 2WW now. Most sites that detail how to ‘read’ your cervix for signs of fertility advise that checking your cervix is a good way to tell if you are fertile, but not a good way to tell if you are pregnant. Here’s to hoping your cervix does indeed stay high, soft and closed for the next 9 months 😉



    rbrencur – hahaha I know EXACTLY what your talking about I thought I was just crazy!!!

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