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    before dd we bd’d like 5 times a day every day ! no lie! maybe i’ll try a chat tomorrow thanks… oh n now i want skittles too!


    sweetpea – i want to slap her for you, how rude of her. 🙁 we here would all give to be in her shoes xx



    Diane thank for the info!


    Okay ladies, im not 1 DPO because…took my third OPK today expecting to see a negative and its a blazing Positive….There is no doubting it!!!! Im gonna add a pic in a few mins. So that puts me at CD 15.



    LOL D, the fun begins….i would eat everything when prego and ur havin twins, i cant imagine lol



    i need a little vent and to tell me what you think!!! I am on cd 19 and we are doing very well this month with bding!!! We started on cd 6 and untill now we bded about 20 times!!! However my cycles are not regular and last month AF showed up on cd30 and other times on cd 40 or ever 45! Now yesterday dh had a phone call from work and he has to go to Cyprus from next Sunday to next Thursday!!!! I feel that we are going to loose this month too cos i think it would have been the best week for bding next week. Deffinetly we will bd on Sunday before he leaves and on thursday when he arrives but what do you think!!!!??? Will we be out this month too becasue of this flight he has??? Ufffff . Tia. By the way congrates to all BFPs here!



    still havin lots of off and on cramps today hopefully its a lil bean makin a burrow



    yup im testing wed. i so hope its our month. i will probably test all the way till my next cycle witch should be on the 15th



    ok nite nite all!! good luck with which everstage of your cycle your on! i am wishing for you all!! check out my temp chart on my pics and let me know what u interpret if you understand charts… take care all and baby dust buckets to you all!!! :))))))



    Someone mind explaining the cough syrup to me please. Tryin to conceive after coming off depo…I was only on it for one Shot….in may/011 this year I was suppose to go back for my second shot but the hubby and I wanna try for a third plus I hated the shot had my hormones wild and I don’t mean sexualy…any who I my first periods after the Shot were in June/011 and were a little off until August/011 af started acting normal like they were before depo….started tryin in august/011…..but no luck hopping this month I will get my bfp….but if the cough syrup helps please explain it to me so if af does show up I can try next month…..oh oh and even through I am havibg periods could it be possible that I am not ovulating…..should I buy a ovulation detector thing??????…..any advise ladies would help me…..



    Sunflowers. Hi I am in a similar position to you, but only miscarried last week on the 5th August. I am glad to hear that you started a new cycle only a month later. This is encouraging. i conceived on Clomid last time, so will wait until AF to try Clomid again. I always take folic acid but also used a fertility blend of vitamins and minerals and preseed lubrication to help the little swimmers along! I am still grieving for my little lost one but am impatient to start again…….Good luck to us.



    babedci- I dont know-t that’s what I was trying to get you ladies opinions on- when should I test? krissieh- FRER = First Resonse test- POAS= Pee on a stick…


    Have a good rest of the evening ladies…im off to read with hubby…..have a great night or day depending on the side of the world your on 🙂



    mommytoabi- also, go to the frer webpage, and there’s a $2 off coupon. I bought mine from cvs last n night, it was prices at $11.99, minus my $2 off,thenm there was another $5 off from using my cvs card, so i paid like $4.99 or something crazy like that for a 3 pack. how do u post pics to page?


    Good afternoon ladies!

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