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    cd 29 still no AF, took a hpt last friday BFN… wasnt going to buy anymore HPT until i was 100% aure AF wasnt showing up but i have to swing by a pharmacy after work for some other thinks and i already know i am gonna cave… now i cant wait to leave work lol.



    Tiffyy–I totally agree. See my SIL, who thinks she should spend money left and right like it’s going out of style, thinks she has to spend money on her children (4 years old and 3 months old) everytime she goes shopping, which is alot of the reason she had to file bankruptcy. I’m not bashing anyone who has to file bankruptcy, but she thinks that she is being a loving mother when she buys stuff for her children. It’s freaking ridiculous because her 4 year old has more toys than he can play with. She wants a 3rd baby and she can’t even handle the 2 because when her 4 year old gets on her nerves she sends him to her MILs house. I just think it’s absolutely WRONG that she say I shouldn’t have a baby because I don’t have much money, when she isn’t a very good mother. Money does NOT make Happiness with children….BONDING with your children makes them happy!



    Katmoma my cycle buddy, don’t feel bad we are in the same boat. AF was supposed to stop in and say hello and she isn’t here either. I also took a test and got the BFN So now its like WTH…. Hopefully she will come soon. Before i lose my sanity


    i will do prob wont sleep 2nite, its going to be a long nite but i will let you all no, thanks baby and to everyone else xxxxx



    Congratulations Agape!!:)


    Thanks C…yay for o!!!!



    Hey! I just noticed that my cycle days this month fall on the day of the month. Today is CD15 for me and its November 15th – I won’t be forgetting my CD’s this month! 🙂


    lindsey1979 & spunkymoon- Sorry to hear about you BFN. I wish you better luck next month!!



    dmmarinewife – thanks! I read that you have ovarian cysts, was wondering, is that something that you had prior to the IUD?


    thanks cpalmer…the faint line sowed almost instantly…i am beyond myself…hope this one sticks!!


    Holz…. It’s perfect, is love to do somethingvlike that when i get my BFP, but my bf is so into TTC with me he’d want me to wait and test whilst he’s with me… LOL.


    Hi Diane im really good 🙂 I saw the doc today and he is so thrilled with how im doing and is happy enough for me to start ttc again when i get AF but i wanna be totally sure im ready first. Im so in love with my niece and she gave me the first smile. My sil is still a B**** but my mum is actually more supportive and realising what she has done and actually asks to spend time with me. We took Joshua shopping for his school uniform on the weekend and she didnt mention my sil or Chloe once and she likes me helping out with the baby as she is still bringing her up my bro and sil still want to have a free life which is sad cos she is growing so fast. Anyway how are you doing ?



    yup i was right af just arrived:( its not full blown bleeding yet but it will be.



    Wantsagirl, the pic from today definately looks darker to me, really hope this is it for you. Good luck, can’t wait to hear what the Dr says 🙂



    iam interested to know if anyone thats been ttc for yrs had any luck with opks.. not that it means anything but good to know statistics.. pretty sure it dont mean anything in my case of case of duno in fertility…

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