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    evening ladies 🙂 well i think i will be officially in the 2ww as of tomorrow! at least im hoping! lol hoping my temps shoot up or something! hows everyone?


    Brandy….i will. Im 6dpo and will be testing December 9!!!!



    fabulousmommy, the dr could do blood work and tell you.



    Morning Ladies. CONGRATS to all the BFP. BOO afs. CD15 for me. I’m assuming i should o in the next 12-24 hours I have ewcm. DH and i have BD on the 4th, 6th and 7th. I’m keen for a girl this time so i’m a bit reluctant to BD today (9th). Does anyone think if i did BD it would have any effect on increasing my chances for another boy? I know about the male sperm being faster etc. What do you all think? Has anyone been able to watch the great sperm race? it is a fantastic documentary i highly reccommend it



    good luck spunky hope its a good sign!



    Hmm I will look it up. Thanks!


    bahaha -LC ahh perfect….well wwwaaait a minute so my name is wetskin lol



    Question ladies? I am CD 6 and I am no longer spotting. How do I tell wut my CM is?



    I’m the laid back one between my hubby and I and Emma def takes after me…just lets stuff roll off her back. Emma got used to noise and attention sharing early on because she has ‘brothers’…two Boxers named Buster and Louie. When I was preggo with her, and one of them would be near my belly and bark, I would feel her jump in the womb. She was already used to it when she came out! lol



    Hello ladies have a question. as I am unsure how many dpo I am. I started spotting yesterday and when I wiped this morning it was a little more than yesterday. A little.discomfort no real cramping but its red not pink and not really brown either. is this af? or implanation bleed? bb still sore.lower abdomen kinda hard. been tired too but I also have two kids at



    cherry, take an hpt to ease ur mind?



    mommy2.. keep trying dear, u may get that BFP when u least expect it… fingers crossed for you



    Thanks Tahlias! I hope so too, but I have settled into a comfortable place with the TTC process. I don’t know that I will be so easy going if I am still TTC six months from now, but day by day is the approach that is working for me now! No need for a 🙁 here!!!



    Wow my apt went amazing today! I have 4 great eggs ready to go!! The shot actually wasn’t too bad so now I should O w/in the next 36 hours. Crazy! I think my hubby almost fainted when they said 4 eggs


    ughhh……man the wait to friday is killin me !!!! lol

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