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    omg im so pissed off right now. im literally crying. my hubby forgot our anniversary. yesterday was our 6 year anniversary and i didnt say anything all day waiting for him to tell me happy anniversary or do something and nothing. i literally cried myself to sleep last night and now today hes all whats wrong with you blah blah blah and i was like well whats todays date hes like the 22nd im like exactly and then it hit him OH CRAP yesterday was our anniversary and all he did was like oh sorry i forgot i wont forget next year and then let it go im like WTF you forget our 6 year anniversary and all you have to say is OH SORRY what a jerk i want to kick his butt right now AHHHHH!!!!



    So rang the doc and she said the nurse was wrong that my levels are below 5 🙁 so unless I implanted late or something its not looking good this month. Bring on AF so I can just get trying again. Totally sucks!



    Faybebaby – you might as well BD just in case you are ovulating late again. You might just be having a couple of long cycles, so don’t risk missing the egg! lol – on the other hand, we can get the slippery egg white discharge after ovulation, but it’s usually just a little patch, not a full day or more like we get when we truly are ovulating. Good luck!



    ladies! quick question, I had a drop in bbt after ovulation then rise again today. could medication cause a drop?



    hi ladies how is everyone doing? i have a question, so af has been sort of coming every 3-4 months and i had one in january and it lasted for 2 weeks,and 3 days after i O which was last week, and now i am cramping alot, when should i try a test? i was thinking maybe sunday or so? i am seeing my doc in another week and i have tests this saturday to see whats going on and all,just want some oppionions of when maybe to test? thankyou 🙂



    TaraLynnnn- I am feeling the same way. I don’t know why, but I am starting to second guess everything I have been feeling. I have been so crampy, today I just wanted to curl up on the couch and not move, that is REALLY weird for me, I very rarely have cramps like that. Yesterday while working, I had some weird dizzy/light-headed spells that left me with a major headache. There is so much going on that seems weird but maybe I just don’t pay this close attention other months?? Ugh, in about a week I should know either way so I should stop stressing 🙂 Congrats annabellesmummy!



    Loopy looks like I will be testing around the same time as you, maybe 4-5 days later. If I get pg this cycle my EDD woud be Dec 15. Just as well men are stupid and I may O early this month, DH will never know lol!!!!


    Terrian20 thanks! It’s all so confusing for me! Some days I think it’s a bad idea then other days I am excited. Ahhhh I wish I was calm as my dh about all of it.



    congrats emma im so happy for you YAY!!!



    Hello Ladies! I am just wondering if any one of you have ttc after using Nuvaring?



    yay congrats heather see ya in week 4 10dpo bfp is a good sign



    well 16dpo. still no af, she’s 1 day late, I thought maybe i’m out because my temps dropped 14 15 16 dpo, but no af, and then i read that being sick and taking cold medicines can effect the bbt. so i’m still sick, but gonna try not to take the meds tonight and see if it goes back up, if it does, and still no af in the morning I’ll test.



    well this is the only thing ive thrown up today. prolly cause its really the only thing ive eaten food wise. ive had 1 cup of coffee which i thought for sure was gonna come back up but it didnt. and a vitamin this morning which i finally wound up throwing up. and then the cereal made me throw up too. but thats how it was when i was pregnant with my son too if i had more then like 2 bites of anything in the first 6-8 weeks of my pregnancy i would throw it up. i think i lost like 15 pounds in the first 6-8 weeks cause i couldnt eat anything. but unfortunatly i gained it back when i started my cravings lol.



    So 15 dpo today. Think tomorrow would be the day af arrives but have had no sign of her impending arrival. I am feeling really hopeful that i may have luck on my side and get a bfp. Think I will try wait til next weekend to test though if I can wait that long, and if af doesn’t show



    Ok so today I took 2 different tests and both I had a faint positive again/still. And today I had a tiny bit of spotting. I wonder what the heck is going on! Its just so faint that I think they’re unreal. I’ll keep trying until I finally get the test that say yep or that is finally NEGATIVE :0P

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