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    started spotting today, so af will most likely be here tomorrow….I just want to cry 🙁 On to month 10 TTC



    Rylans mommy- I KNEW IT!!! congrats!



    good luck babybump!!! i hope you get your BFP!!


    Thanks , I think that we are having trouble partly due to fibroids and endometriosis. I also have trouble with cysts . Even when everything is clean, like after surgery we still don’t get preggo. I have tried clomid and that didn’t help. We are now on IUI and we did get preggo 5 months ago but it ended in m/c’d. I have determination and we will get preggo again.



    I am curious to all of you that have kids already, I am currently trying for my first. I work full time, and the debate between my husband and I is if I should stay home once we have kids or go back to work. I really would like to be a stay at home mom, and daycare costs so much! But I don’t know if we can afford being on 1 income, especially since hubby doesn’t make that much money. I would still probably find some sort of part time job or coach cheerleading (because I have coached in the past, and am currently looking for an opening near my home). But anyways, you ladies out there, do you stay at home or do you work? What way do you find to be the best way financially or even emotionally for yourself or the kids?



    hi girls hows everyone havent been on in a while i see diane got her bfp congrats to you girl well im just finished af so heres to a good month hope there lots of bfps this month



    Well ladies i took a test still BFN…i have no idea whats going on…if i still dont get my period by this weekend ill test again…then if its still a BFN ill contact my doctor to see whats up.

    #6782325 google it, I never thought ‘stomach pain’ could be a sign, My DH always knows Im preggo long before I do but then again most men think they have ‘super sperm’ or something lmao



    Question… can you have ovulation type pains after you’ve actually ovulated? I get a positive OPK on CD11 most every cycle. I did this cycle as well, but I’m CD 16 and every once in a while I’ll feel a short pain in the areas of one of my ovaries.



    Happy Birthday Sarah!! Sounds like a fun day so far and I hope your day continues to be great!



    hi girls. my name is lisa i have a 2 year old boy. we are ttc starting today. i have just had my implan taken out. im so excited. i have been a member for over 2 years now so i know this site very well. looking forward to talking to you all xxx



    7 DPO here C…



    cd 8 of a 28 day cycle. I really hate waiting!! DH and I plan to bd pretty often for the next week and see what happens. FertilityFriend is showing fertile 25th – 27th and O on the 29th. Here’s hoping! Congrats to those who have recently gotten their BFP, and baby dust to those who are waiting for one!



    Sarah, she had a little touch of it but thank goodness not as bad as DH and me.



    im just putting this out there just wondering
    my last period started on the 26th of june
    the last 3 days i have had very light pink tinge when i wipe could this be implantation bleeding or start of period
    my cycle is every 28 days and i have never been late before in my life
    im nauseous and have sore boobs……….sorry if i sound like a broken record and going on and on
    just after one miscarriage and being told i cant have kids just a bit anxious

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