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    Ryder, what I see is, you had a temp dip in your fertile window – that is good as it means there was lots of estrogen and that helps EWCM. I see yesterday as the + OPK, so ovulation happening between last night and tomorrow (your BD timing looks good, keep it up a few more days at least, just to be sure). Your temps will not rise until the day after ovulation, so I am not surprised by the small drop from yesterday. Everything looks great. Remember to take BBT with a grain of salt – temps may not always reflect exact BBT (variations in sleeping patterns, placement of thermometer) and try not to look at it from day to day – look at the pattern that emerges by CD 21. You have a + OPK, your BD timing is perfect, *trust* your body and that you have done everything you can to get your BFP. It is a game of odds now, and I hope you get lucky!! =)


    FAB: I get the sharp pains on my side too. And i’ve been really hungry and kinda nauseas in the morning, almost threw up this morning. But I get like that when im nervous so who knows.


    thanks ryders … so if i get this straight temp everyday before you get out of bed and if temp goes up and stays up it means you ovulated?



    lol nah it will tell you its a sign of pregnancy thats about it





    Never have I felt so sad in my life. I lost my baby last week. I had one wipe of light brown mucous on Sunday last weeked, nothing monday but had a beta done anyways on Monday to see what my levels were. One wipe of dark brown mucous on Tuesday, left work as doctor’s orders. Wednesday she sent me for an emergency ultrasound. It showed an empty sac, although the tech said not to worry yet because it was probably still too early. Wednesday at 5:00 my doctor called to say that at six weeks pregnant my beta was only 682 and that the baby had probably died a couple days ago and that my beta levels had probably been dropping for a few days as they should have been in the 10,000’s. That night my mucous turned to pink and by thursday morning I had full on red blood. Friday I passed the baby and the sac. It was the worst day of my life. I am so sorry to anyone who has ever experienced this. I feel guitly because I was telling people I was not pregnant since we weren’t ready to tell yet that I was and now I feel like I said I wasn’t pregnant so often that I made it go away. I know this is crazy but I feel like I didn’t honor this babies life because I denied it was there. I feel angry! Why did I have to be pregnant in the first place if it was all going to come crashing down. I was so happy to see that positive pregnancy test and now I wish it had never happened! I am terrified to be pregnant again, so scared to feel this down and hurt.

    I do however still feel so blessed to have my DD. She can make me smile even through the tears. Thank goodness I have her and my husband to help me get through this, and you ladies who listen with open ears and warm hearts.

    I will find out this week or early next if I need to have a D & C. I hope not. I will keep you posted.



    ducky and baby>>> i know what you mean. My best friend found out on Monday she is expecting her second. She is on here,too, actually. Although I am really happy for her I was really quite upset. Might be because AF showed the same day she found out 🙁


    well the only thing with the cycle, is i should be having another one right now… but have not started another one yet… so i am all sorts of confused…


    Sampling and atl- u both had a dip????? Wow I wonder if this month is both of yours :D…. Does the dip have to go below the cover line? Anyone know????. Candila-GL when u re-test Hopefully it was just to early x



    Hey Lia 🙂



    mama2carol: I just started using them this month and I’m confused about them… On another note.. I was at school and I had started cramping and felt pressure and thought: Here comes mother Nature and I don’t have father Pad.. LOL! I went to the washroom and my panties (TMI Sorry) were soaked, but not by AF just clear fluid… Great!! No AF and NO BFP!! Confused like every month and now a headache…. Why can’t my body go back to the days before I got pregnant with my son.. Period came on time every month and if you missed one period, you jus knew you were pregnant!! Now-a days it’s like missed period, test, negative, I’m not ovulating this month or maybe late…. This Freaking Sucks! LBVFS!! (Laughing but very f*ing Serious) Just in case someone didn’t know what that meant…



    5 days or so. I have a very promising chart, but never know



    Hello ladies i am wondering if any one can help me, i am 9 DPO , and i have been spotting since my last period, but it did stop spotting around the ovulation days. normally i am dry after ovulatiuon, but his time after 3 to 5 days of ovulation i started spotting again. i have been noticing EWCM , thick CM and have been spotting ligt brown in color almost like an like a old blood. i also have some other prgnancy symptoms too, but they could be all in my head, you guys know that one! have anyone exp this before? plz help. thanks!



    I cant even wait till 10dpo! I literally have NO self control… If there is a one-in-a-million chance I could find out now, I want to know!! I should be ashamed of myself.. lol


    Ladies HELP!!!! I want to test so bad but i know i shouldn’t tell me not to lol!

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