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    does anyone know when symptoms of PG actually start? Is it after implantation?



    hahaha, what a tease, she sounds happy though!


    Ok I know this is way too much info. but I just got done taking a nap and I had a dream I had a hanger up that dr was like omg like I was super



    o so you move on to teh pregnant page when you bfp? i dunno if i wanna move on yet…i like it here



    Hi, when we were trying for our 2nd I used ovulation tests the first 2 months and didn’t get pregnant so the 3rd month we had sex every other day the whole month and got pregnant! That’s what we are going to try again this time. Hope it works for us!



    o nobody in here?



    saibaby~ I am so sorry to hear your news. I know it’s not what you want to hear but I was told during my m/c that once your HCG levels drop like that they will not rise again.



    His loss then hun – you’re better off! His poor stuff… NOT… tell him you just didn’t feel the same way about it being in your home anymore, and it had to go 😉



    I tested too today and got a bfn, but what i dontly simply understand is y we all have to feel prego and then you go testing and you are hit with a bfn. Its so frustrating, though i am expecting af, will be seeing my dr for further examination and treatment if need be cos my cramping is stll dia,[email protected] about yours, hope you are strong, we just keep trying and hoping we cath that little egg next O.


    Diane I was giggling out loud reading them after work ds was eating his breakfast looking at me as if i was a crazy woman lol


    Crazy – yes they have, sometimes (not very often) i dont get AF at all! I;m nearly 36 so im hoping its not the start of early menopause. Everything takes longer on these cycles – cant seem to find info on when to start using OPK’s so perhaps CD15?


    cheeky – I got a bfp with a dollar store test 4 days before af was due… and a really dark line on the day it was due! I stand by the dollar store tests!!!



    7DPO here.. I feel very prego… Strange because I never feed into any of the symptoms things… So I used an OPK today and oddly it was VERY much darker than the control line… I have heard that an OPK can possibly show a positive as well.. Should I test with FMU or do you all think it is still to early???? My temps have been awesome and continuosly climbing. Comments appreciated.



    oh my chrissi – your supervisor had no right to say that!!!!!


    Blaine- thanks baby dust to you also!

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