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    thanks for the advice everyone I hope u all have BFP’s soon



    Well I just got back from doing blood work and my HCG level is 26 (low). I need to go back in two days to check again. The low level could either be the clomid is producing this low level or that I am actually pregnant and the egg just implanted and I need to give it time. All of this is so stressful. Counting down the next two days now…



    ok – so CD 30 today – stil no sign of AF – still feeling strange….
    fingers, toes and the lot crossed….
    still need to wait a few more days to test more acurately…. trying to hold off so as not to be disappointed with a false negative…. oh please let this be our month….
    baby dust to all.



    Morning ladies! Not been on here for a while, congrats to all the BFP’s I have missed!! This is my 2nd cycle BBT charting, last cycle temps was all over the place, I ovulated but it was not clear what day. I have started taking Vitamin B and have noticed that my temps are more steady this month, my charts showed a clear ovulation day, I am now 5 DPO, my question is; has anyone experienced the same temp 5 days in a row? My chart showed a clear temp rise after ovulation and my temps have been exactly the same 5 days in a row straight after I ovulated, why is this?? My thermometer is not broken, I have checked.



    and same to you load and loads of baby dust!!!


    Hi ladies. I am new to this page, actually just realized it was here. I was on in 2008 when I was PG with our DD, Olivia, who is now 18 months. We began TTC again in Dec and I am 2 weeks out from a miscarriage. It was my 5th one. The other 4 were before falling PG with Olivia and were so hard. But, after Olivia, it gave me hope, and I had symptoms with this last pregnancy, even saw the heartbeat on my husband’s birthday. Then BAM, it all was ripped away. I know I should be happy, as we have a gorgeous and healthy princess, but I can’t help but still be so sad. It is easier now, but I am still in a ‘funk’ and have not been wanting to have sex. It is almost like I subconsciously do not want to get PG again, as I am PETRIFIED of having another miscarriage. I truly don’t know if I can take another one. Anyone else out there with these feelings and fears? How do I get over this?


    I’m in the 2WW as well… I’ve just started week 3!
    I’m going to test on Friday.
    I’m charting my temperature at Fertility Friend.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust!



    yep…there should be no problem with that as most of the vitamins in the pregnancy one is also in the concieve ones



    And we live in Hawaii….



    Ugh, I just lost a post too! Ok, recap of what I was writing about CM… PreSeed sperm friendly lube is an easy fix. Other stuff to try: increase water intake. Increase vitamin C pre O. Guaifenesin – found in mucinex and robitussin, as long as it is the only active ingredient. (take it 2 hours before BD in the week leading to O) Evening Primrose Oil capsules 1000 – 200mg per day from CD 1 – O may help too, but stop taking after O as it can cause uterine contractions (why some women take it after 38 week pregnant to try to bring on labor)….EWCM is not absolutely needed to get pregnant, but it does help sperm live longer if it is present.



    Rubylove, we had some ladies that ovulated as late as cd 68 so it’s possible to have a long cycle


    so today AF is due and she isnt here yet!! im still not getting excited incase shes just being fashionably late, but i’ll know for sure in a day or too. Im not tsting again till im officially a week late since i’ve tested a few times already (a bit early) and they’ve basically all been BFN with one confusing result that might have jus been a falty test. I had a tiny bit of bright red spotting (well one spot) this morning but theres nothing there now. Even when i check to see if theres any bleeding higher up there isnt anything on my finger (sorry for the TMI) so idk what that was this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed!! I hope we all get some BFP’s soon!!!



    speak to you tomorrow ladies x x



    Mama to liv, I have occasionally seen women post a BFP here at 8 DPO (I had one at 8 DPO myself, but it was not an ideal situation as the pregnancy turned out to be ectopic) 9 DPO seems to be when many women start to get down about not getting a BFP, but then teat a few days later and indeed are pregnant 🙂 You can try testing with a sensitive test at 9 DPO, but rememberm it is still early days! More accurate results at 11 – 12 DPO. Good luck!



    thank u….!

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